Shopping Malls


Who is Responsible if I Was Hurt in an Accident at the Mall?

It may not be apparent who is responsible if you get hurt while shopping at the mall. If you slip on a slick floor, trip on debris, or are hit by a falling object in a store, most likely, they will be the party liable if they are found negligent. However, if you are injured in a common area, such as the mall walkways, food court, or parking lot, the owner of the mall or the company that manages it may be responsible. In some cases, multiple parties may share in the responsibility. If you were in an accident while shopping at the mall, it’s a good idea to consult a personal injury lawyer as they have the expertise to help to determine which parties may be held responsible if you were injured.

What are Some Common Hazards That can Cause Injury When Visiting The Mall?

Shopping malls pose some unique hazards to those visiting the property. With large numbers of people in the walkways, there is a high chance for drinks, ice cream, or other liquids to spill onto the floor, creating a slip and fall hazard. Hanging signs or displays throughout the mall or in stores that aren’t secure can fall and hit unsuspecting shoppers, causing head, neck, or back injuries. Entryways that have mats that aren’t secure or become wet from rain may pose a slip and fall danger to people coming in from the outside. Parking lots that have potholes or broken curbs may result in a trip and fall accidents. Inadequate or defective lighting in the parking lot can not only increase the chance of someone falling over broken pavement, but it can also place them in danger of criminal activity.

How do I Find The Best Fort Myers Shopping Mall Accident Lawyer?

Shopping mall injuries pose unique legal issues. There may be multiple parties sharing responsibility for your injuries, so it’s helpful to speak to an attorney that is experienced in and knowledgeable about personal injury law. Choosing the right Fort Myers shopping mall accident lawyer can impact the outcome of your case. Stick to lawyers who regularly practice in personal injury law and know how to represent your rights. Avoid choosing a firm that dabbles in these types of cases every now and then. While there are many personal injury law firms, narrow down your choices by asking the right questions. Do you have a claim and what is it worth? Are there any complexities that would require them to bring on expert witnesses and, if so, can they afford it? If a settlement can’t be negotiated, are they comfortable with defending your rights in court? How long has the legal firm been in practice and what is their success rate? What should you expect while your case is ongoing? When you ask these critical questions, it can help you find the best Fort Myers shopping mall accident attorney.

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