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Did you slip and fall at your condo building? Were you badly hurt walking through the condo parking lot? Did you suffer a significant injury when swimming in a condo pool?

If you or someone in your family was seriously hurt at a Fort Myers condo, it’s essential for you to understand what your legal rights are. You can speak with a Fort Myers accident lawyer at Wolfson & Leon today for a free, no-obligation case consultation. Find out what legal options may be available by calling Wolfson & Leon today at 239-777-9954.

Where Do Fort Myers Condominium Accidents Happen?

Accidents can happen in the common areas of condo buildings. Some of the most common places unit owners and guests could be hurt at a Fort Myers condominium include:

  • Building entrance: Wet carpet, tiles, or other flooring material wet from rain or water tracked in by others may cause someone to slip and fall. A floor mat that’s worn out or does not have the appropriate non-slip surface on the bottom could slide out from under a tenant or guest when stepped on.
  • Parking lots: Broken curbs, uneven pavement, and potholes may cause someone to trip and fall. With dim or broken parking lot lights, you may not see dangerous cracks or hidden curbs at night. Guests could also fall victim to criminal activity in lots with bad lighting or lack of security.
  • Recreation areas: Swimming pools and hot tubs should be properly maintained. Broken pool steps, defective ladders, or malfunctioning pumps or vacuums could cause significant injury. Improper use of cleaning solutions could cause chemical burns or respiratory damage. If the condo building features tennis, pickleball, or basketball courts, you could be seriously hurt if the surfaces aren’t properly maintained or have poor lighting.
  • Stairwells: Missing handrails, worn carpet, or bad lighting could lead to a slip and fall on the stairs.
  • Sidewalks: Cracks or breaks in pavement may result in a severe trip and fall injury. Overgrown trees or bushes may cause uneven walking surfaces if the roots push through the pavement. Leaves, paper, or debris wet from rain or sprinklers could pose a slipping hazard.
Hurt at a Fort Myers Condo?

Slip-and-fall and trip-and-fall accidents are among the most frequent in condo buildings. While some condo accidents may result in minor bumps and bruises, others can be more serious. If you hit your head as you slipped and fell on a wet floor or down a flight of stairs, you could suffer a traumatic brain injury. You could break a hip, leg, or arm when your body hits the ground. The abrupt movements your body goes through as your body loses control in a slip or trip and fall accident could leave you with back or neck damage, ligament or tendon strains or tears, deep cuts or puncture wounds, or other painful injuries.

If you have suffered serious injuries in a Fort Myers condominium accident, you should get immediate medical help. Even if you feel ok after the accident, keep in mind that not all injuries are apparent when an accident first happens. You may not be aware that you have hurt your back or hit your head until hours, perhaps days, later. So, getting checked out by a doctor when you’ve been in an accident is a good idea.

Why Call a Fort Myers Condo Injury Law Firm?

Condo building accidents can be complicated. With the help of a Fort Myers condo accident lawyer, you may better understand your legal rights. Factors that a Fort Myers condominium accident lawyer may consider when evaluating your claim include:

Negligence: Even if you have suffered severe injuries, your claim must demonstrate that someone else’s negligence caused the accident, and you were financially harmed as a result. Under Florida’s premises liability law, the owner, property manager, or responsible party could be found negligent when they don’t take steps to ensure the property is safe for visitors.

However, your purpose for being on the property plays a role. Owners and operators have varying levels of responsibility for safety:

  • Invitee: As an invitee, you have a business purpose for being on the property. Unit owners or outside contractors hired to make repairs would be considered invitees. Owners and operators owe invitees the highest level of care. They should inspect the property regularly and fix known hazards. Property owners or operators who cannot make these repairs in a reasonable time should notify invitees of the danger. In addition, invitees should be informed of hidden dangers that would be reasonably known by the owner or operator.
  • Licensee: A licensee is usually a guest on the property for social reasons. A licensee may be a family member or friend of a unit owner. While property owners and operators should fix known dangers or notify guests of their existence, regular inspections are not required.
  • Trespasser: A trespasser comes onto the property without permission. Property owners and operators should refrain from causing intentional harm and warn of possible dangers.

Responsible parties: Multiple parties may share blame for the accident. If the accident happened in the common area of a condo building, the condominium association, property management company, or a third-party contractor could be liable.

Determining who is responsible can be tricky. A Fort Myers condo injury lawyer can help you navigate through these complexities. They can analyze the legal merits of your case, review governing board documents and contracts, and help you identify the responsible parties.

Call a Fort Myers Condo Accident Lawyer Today

A severe injury can change your life. You may need extensive medical care and time to heal. Your family’s finances could suffer if you cannot work until you have recovered. Sometimes, you may require assistance to get around or complete everyday tasks in your home.

Since 1963, the Fort Myers condo injury attorneys at Wolfson & Leon have relentlessly fought for the rights of individuals who were severely injured at condominiums. We understand the physical, emotional, and financial strain a bad accident can have on a family and are dedicated to reaching the best settlement possible.

Accidents at condominiums can be more complicated than you might think. Why you were on the property and where the accident occurred can affect your ability to seek damages when you’ve been hurt. So, if you were seriously injured at a condo, it is a good idea to speak with the best Fort Myers condo injury lawyer you can phone as soon as possible.

In the Fort Myers area, you can call Wolfson & Leon today at 239-777-9954 for a free consultation. They serve the communities of SW Florida including but not limited to:

Cape Coral: Situated across the Caloosahatchee River from Fort Myers, Cape Coral features an extensive canal network, offering abundant waterfront living and recreational opportunities.

Bonita Springs: South of Fort Myers, Bonita Springs showcases pristine beaches, verdant parks, and close proximity to the Everglades Wonder Gardens.

Estero: Home to Florida Gulf Coast University and Hertz Arena, Estero is an up-and-coming community renowned for its shopping centers, including Miromar Outlets and Coconut Point.

Sanibel Island: Known for its shell-covered beaches, Sanibel Island lies to the west of Fort Myers, attracting tourists and locals with its scenic vistas and wildlife reserves.

Fort Myers Beach: Located on Estero Island, Fort Myers Beach is celebrated for its soft sands, fishing spots, and family-friendly atmosphere.

Lehigh Acres: Extending east of Fort Myers, Lehigh Acres offers ample residential space with suburban amenities, numerous parks, and golf courses.

North Fort Myers: Positioned across the Caloosahatchee River from Fort Myers, this area combines residential neighborhoods with picturesque countryside.

Pine Island: Florida's largest Gulf Coast island, Pine Island offers a laid-back lifestyle with opportunities for fishing, boating, and a vibrant arts community.

Naples: Situated further south, Naples is renowned for its upscale shopping, dining scene, and picturesque Gulf Coast beaches.

Punta Gorda: North of Fort Myers in Charlotte County, Punta Gorda features historic neighborhoods, scenic waterfront parks, and a charming downtown area.

These areas collectively enrich the vibrant surroundings of Fort Myers, Florida, offering diverse activities, living options, and natural beauty for residents and visitors alike. Wolfson & Leon proudly serves all these communities, providing legal assistance for various types of accidents.

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