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For over 55 years, the Fort Myers personal injury attorneys at Wolfson & Leon have represented victims and their families in accident and injury-related claims throughout Florida. We defend the rights of those who have been injured, helping them to receive the compensation they deserve to lessen the financial burden of lost wages, medical bills, property damage, and ongoing pain and suffering. We are here to answer your questions – call us at (239) 777-9954 for your free consultation.

The laws in the state of Florida vary based upon the type of accident. Our personal injury attorneys work with accident victims to navigate through the complicated legal process and advise you of your options. We will evaluate your case

We represent victims who have sustained injuries from motor vehicle accidents, medical malpractice, wrongful death suits, product liability, and premise liability. In some cases, injuries may be catastrophic, significantly impacting the quality of life for the victim and their family. Serious injuries, including damage to the brain or spinal cord, loss of limbs, burns, and paralysis, may result in significant life changes, including continuous medical care, the inability to work, and pain and suffering. Victims and their families should not attempt to negotiate with insurance companies on their own. Obtaining immediate legal representation will help to ensure that your rights are being protected.

Obtaining legal representation will help to ensure that you and your family receive the compensation to get your life back on track. Many times, victims suffer from financial losses after an accident and need compensation to pay for medical and hospital bills, property repairs, and lost wages. In some cases, these injuries may extend beyond just those that are physical. Victims may also suffer from continued pain and suffering, mental anguish, or other life-changing conditions.

Why Use a Fort Myers Personal Injury Attorney?

Personal injury claims involve legal and insurance complexities. By seeking representation from a personal injury attorney in Fort Myers, you are ensuring that your rights are being defended. Our personal injury attorneys know the legal issues that you will be facing. Whether negotiating with an insurance company or fighting your case in court, Wolfson & Leon personal injury lawyers in Fort Myers will defend your rights.

Accidents can result in life-changing, even fatal, injuries. The trauma of a catastrophic injury or the loss of a loved one creates emotional, physical, and financial burdens for its victims. At Wolfson & Leon, our Fort Myers accident attorneys help families to recover from these tragic events. We help families to receive the compensation they deserve to overcome the financial burden of lost wages, skyrocketing medical bills, and continuing care.

Time Limitations for Personal Injury Claims in Florida

Time is of the essence when filing a personal injury claim. Florida law restricts the amount of time that a victim can file a claim or lawsuit after an accident, therefore it is essential that you seek representation immediately to ensure that you are compensated for damages. Our personal injury attorneys take the time to review your case, gather evidence, and investigate claims. The statute of limitations may vary based upon the type of claim that you are filing, making it even more critical to seek legal representation early.

How Much Can I Receive for My Personal Injuries?

Personal injury claims are judged based upon the merits of the case and the applicable laws in the state of Florida. As such, every case is different.

Seeking the representation of a Fort Myers personal injury lawyer early on can impact the compensation that you receive. A personal injury accident lawyer will review the merits of your case. They will investigate your claim and gather evidence, considering such questions as;

  • Who is at fault for the accident?
  • What is the extent of the injuries? Will continuing medical treatment, physical therapy, or in-home care be needed?
  • What is the long-term impact of the accident on the victim?
  • Can the victim and their family resume their normal life after recovery?
  • What financial resources are available to aid in the victim’s recovery?
  • Has the victim lost wages due to an inability to work? Will they be able to return to work? What financial burden will the family incur if the victim is unable to return to work?
  • Were there any other factors that contributed to the accident?

Personal injury attorneys analyze the legal complexities, review insurance, and consider the factors above to evaluate the merits of your case, as well as potential value for recovery.

Victims of personal injury accidents may be entitled to receive monetary compensation for economic damages. Compensation for lost wages, medical bills, and property damage are considered economic damages. Future economic losses, such as future lost wages due to the continued inability to work, continuing care, and medical transportation should also be evaluated.

Florida law also allows for the recovery of non-economic damages in a personal injury accident. Non-economic damages compensate an individual for the by-products of an injury, such as emotional trauma, pain, suffering, mental anguish, disabilities, and the ability of the individual to return to the life they led prior to the accident.

To receive money from a personal injury claim, the claimant must prove that a reckless, careless, or negligent act contributed to or caused the accident. Injuries sustained in an accident alone are not enough to merit a personal injury case.

Catastrophic Injuries in Fort Myers

Catastrophic injuries significantly impact an accident victim’s quality of life. Severe damage to the brain or spinal cord, disabilities, or permanent disfiguration will change the life of an accident victim, as well as impact their immediate family. The severe life-altering impact of a catastrophic injury case makes these claims unique from others. Special care should be taken to ensure that all avenues for compensation are explored, beyond just what an insurance policy will cover. Failing to receive adequate compensation can place an extreme financial burden on a victim, possibly impacting their ability to receive continuing care.

Motor Vehicle Accident Lawyers in Fort Myers

With millions of cars travelling the roads in Southwest Florida, there is high chance that you may be the victim of a motor vehicle accident. These accidents happen every day in Fort Myers, Cape Coral, Lehigh Acres, Estero, Naples, Marco Island and throughout the neighboring communities. Injuries sustained can be devastating to victims and their families. Mounting medical bills, lost wages, and property damage are often the result from accidents. Motor vehicle accidents typically involve cars, trucks, or motorcycles.

  • Car accidents: Car accident claims follow a different set of rules. The state of Florida is known as a “no-fault” state. That means that those involved in a car accident turn to their insurance company first, regardless of who was at fault. Even though an accident victim may be negotiating a settlement with their own insurance company, it does not mean that they will receive the full amount of compensation needed to recover from an accident. Insurance companies often attempt to settle early to minimize their payout.
  • Truck accidents: Large construction vehicle, semi-tractor trailers, or other commercial trucks can cause catastrophic or fatal injuries. Accident claims involving trucks bring additional complexities as there may be multiple parties with liability, different safety protocols, or truck maintenance issues. A Fort Myers truck accident attorney can help victims to identify all parties involved and choose the best course of action for their clam.
  • Motorcycle accidents: Motorcycles were made for travelling on the roads in sunny Florida. With high volumes of traffic and tourists unfamiliar with the roadways, motorcyclists can often become victims of accidents when motorists operate their cars in a reckless fashion or just don’t see them on the road. Without a protective frame around them, motorcyclists are often exposed to serious injuries when involved in a crash. Wolfson & Leon motorcycle accident lawyers at the Fort Myers help victims who have been injured in a motorcycle accident to receive the compensation they need for recovery.

To protect their rights, accident victims should seek competent legal representation immediately. A car accident attorney in Fort Myers will evaluate your claim, investigate and gather evidence, and represent your rights against the insurance company. Many factors can influence the amount of compensation that a victim and their family may be awarded. The severity of injuries, the need for ongoing medical care, the ability for the victim to return to work, and the extent of damage to property are all considered.

Premises Liability Accidents in Fort Myers

Property and business owners must exercise a level of due care to ensure a reasonably safe premise for those visiting. When injuries occur due to an unsafe or hazardous condition, victims of accidents may have legal recourse against the owner. For a successful claim, an injured person must be able to prove that they sustained an injury as a result of the following;

  • The property owner was aware of or should have been aware of the danger
  • Property owner either failed to make the necessary repairs or did not make the victim aware of the danger

The most commonly known injuries that fall under premise liability are slips, trips, and falls. However, premise liability may also cover injuries sustained during a crime, dog bites, or accidents occurring on sidewalks or driveways outside of a building.

Hazardous conditions can contribute to premise liability claims. Poor lighting, uneven pavement, inadequate security, malfunctioning doors, or broken handrails can cause accidents.

Depending upon how the visitor entered the property, owners are subject to different levels of care

  • Visitors that enter the property to conduct business are owed the highest standard of care. This can include customers at a grocery store or individuals invited to the property to make repairs. Property owners must maintain safe conditions and repair dangerous situations or make customers aware of the hazard. Property owners can be held liable for both known conditions, as well as those that they should have known about.
  • A social guest is typically family or friends visiting the property for social purposes. This can be a neighbor that stops by or family attending a birthday party. A property owner is required to repair known dangerous conditions or make adequate warning of them.
  • A trespasser is an uninvited guest. As such, property owners have limited responsibility to prevent injury. If the property owner becomes aware of the trespasser, they are required to notify them of the dangerous condition.
  • Property owners must take special steps to prevent injury to children on the property, whether invited or not. Considered an attractive nuisance, adequate safety precautions should be taken by homeowners or business owners to ensure that children don’t enter a swimming pool or playground area without the proper oversight. Swimming pools, playground equipment, or other equipment should be locked up, fenced in, or removed to prevent injury.

If you’ve been injured as the result of someone else’s negligence, you may have a premise liability claim. A Fort Myers personal injury accident lawyer can help a victim to properly assess the accident. What reasonable level of safety and security could be expected from the property owner, compared with the conditions that caused the accident? Obtaining legal representation early on can help preserve and document the conditions that led to the injury.

Wrongful Death Claims in Fort Myers

Losing a loved one brings families emotional pain and sorrow. The loss of a loved one due to the negligence or reckless act of another is particularly painful. Surviving family members may be able to receive compensation for this loss through the wrongful death laws in the state of Florida. Wrongful death suits often result from automobile, medical malpractice, product defects, or premise liability claims. Consulting a Fort Myers wrongful death lawyer that handles wrongful death lawsuits can help the families of victims navigate through the legal complexities and relieve the emotional pain and financial burden that accompanies the loss of a loved one.

Medical Malpractice in Fort Myers

Medical malpractice can result from failures to diagnose or provide appropriate treatment. Malpractice can also result when errors are made in surgery or treatment. There are certain protocols that must be followed, and timelines met when filing a medical malpractice lawsuit. Deadlines for submitting medical malpractice lawsuits vary, based upon the type of claim and injury. Medical malpractice lawsuits require a high level of expertise. Seeking legal representation early is critical to receive proper guidance, as well as meet required deadlines.

For a Free Personal Injury or Wrongful Death Consultation Call Wolfson & Leon in Fort Myers at (239) 777-9954 or Contact Us Online

If you or someone you love has been injured in an accident, contact the Fort Myers personal injury attorneys at Wolfson & Leon. Every accident is unique, and we will take the time to listen and answer questions. Even if your injuries appear to be minor or if you are unsure if you have a case, our accident attorneys in Fort Myers can review the merits of your case and advise you of your options.

To reduce their payouts, insurance companies will often rush to settle quickly but cheaply. Easy settlements often leave those injured with less compensation than they need to recover from their injuries. Continuing medical care, long-term wage loss, and out of pocket expenses may be required and not considered in a quick insurance settlement claim, leaving the victim financially burdened. Take the time to understand what you are entitled to and protect your rights. Contact Wolfson & Leon in Fort Myers at (239) 777-9954 for a free consultation.

No Attorney’s Fees Unless We Collect

Wolfson & Leon works on a contingency basis. This means that attorney fees are only paid when a case is settled successfully. Contingency fee arrangements benefit victims by giving them access to legal representation. High upfront costs often deter those who cannot afford them, thus limiting their access to legal remedies. Our fees are based upon the limits prescribed by law and are paid only upon collection of the award.

The Knowledge and Experience You can Rely on

For over 55 years, Wolfson & Leon has built a reputation for seeking justice and resolving cases for its clients. We exclusively serve personal injury accident victims and their families. We can help you negotiate a reasonable settlement. We will use all options available in your defense, including taking a case to trial. We seek to defend the rights of those who have been injured in Fort Myers, helping both the victim and their family to restore their lives.

We proudly serve the residents of Ft. Myers and the surrounding neighborhoods of Bonita Springs, Cape Coral, North Ft. Myers, Lehigh Acres, Ft. Myers Beach, Sanibel, Alva, Buckingham, Boca Grande, Pine Island, Matlacha, Estero, Naples, Golden Gate and Captiva.

Learn more about how Wolfson & Leon can protect you and your family. For a free consultation, contact our Fort Myers personal injury attorneys at (239) 777-9954 or visit us online.


What is a Personal Injury Accident?

A personal injury accident may result when a victim is hurt an accident that was the of someone else’s negligence. Car crashes, a slip and fall, assaults, and dog bites are common accidents that fall under personal injury laws. In some cases, you might have a personal injury claim if you were hurt due to medical malpractice, a defective product, or the victim of defamation. If you were injured due to a dangerous condition at a business, such as broken steps in a stairwell or a falling overhead sign, you might have a personal injury claim under certain circumstances.

What Damages Could I Recover if I am Hurt in a Personal Injury Accident?

Personal injury accident victims may be able to recover monetary damages for economic and non-economic losses. Financial losses include the costs of needed medical treatment, which was caused by the negligence of someone else and lost income if the victim was unable to work during their recovery. If you can’t perform essential household functions, like cutting the grass or cleaning your home, you may be entitled to damages to pay for these services while you recover. If your injuries permanently impact your ability to earn a living, you may receive damages to compensate for future loss. Non-economic losses include damages incurred for pain and suffering, disfigurement, or the loss of life enjoyment resulting from your injuries.

How do I Find the Best Fort Myers Personal Injury Accident Lawyer?

If you were severely hurt in an accident that was not your fault, you need a personal injury attorney to protect your interests. The best Fort Myers personal injury accident attorney should be well-versed in personal injury law and experienced in handling cases like yours. You should feel comfortable that they will be directly involved in representing your rights. You should schedule a free case consultation with the personal injury attorney and ask about their background, experience, and how they would handle your case. Find out what you should expect during the process and who you will work with. The best Fort Myers personal injury lawyer for your case should take the time to answer your questions, explain what to expect when you file a lawsuit, as well as be available if you need them.

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