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Premises Liability

Wet floor signWhat is the Meaning of Premises Liability?

Most people understand the meaning of a premises, as well as a liability, but it is imperative to understand what premises liability is. When it comes to a premises or property that is owned by a company or individual, they are liable for any interactions that occur on that premises. This would include unfortunate circumstances where an individual may be injured while on the property. They question then leads to why an injury occurred on the premises in the first place? Seeing as the owner is responsible for maintaining a safe environment for other people, if or when an accident occurs, the owner would be liable for the injuries that were sustained.

At Wolfson Law Firm, our Fort Myers slip and fall attorneys are premises liability lawyers that work to ensure safety guidelines are met and upheld by property owners in order to protect individuals from serious injuries due to a slip and fall. We also have experienced negligent security attorneys in Fort Myers who fight to protect people from becoming victims of crime due to negligent securities standards of a property. These two areas of law are within the scope of premises liability law, along with other as well.

Premises Liability Law Important and Why it is Important?

When you need to purchase groceries, house supplies, clothing or other miscellaneous goods, you need to visit your local businesses to purchase these products. In Fort Myers, these businesses can range from Publix to Home Depot to Target. In order to acquire your essential needs, you will have to make your way to these stores or others as well. In doing so, your only thought is enjoying the shopping experience and purchasing the select goods, but not the potential hazards of the premises. That is because the consumers conduct their days normally with the assumption the property that they are visiting is safe for them to utilize. This is the unspoken trust that we have in a business that we decide to invest our money in for their products and services.

Unfortunately, there are times when these properties may not be safe. It may not be intentional, and it may not be the fault of an entire company, but rather possibly insufficient safety guidelines or even the negligence of a single individual. The approved safety parameters are implemented to keep the consumers and workers safe while using the premises. With the amount of businesses and consumers in Fort Myers, it is not a matter of if an accident happens, but rather when an accident will happen. That it why is the property owners are to be held liable for any slip and falls that occur on the premises.

Premises liability not only helps to protect the safety of people, but also to hold companies accountable for providing proper safety parameters. If the property owners decided to cut corners to save money and are not held responsible for accidents that occur, then this will set a wider precedence for other companies as well. If they can get away with not paying for an injury that you sustained while on their property, then why would they pay the necessary money to keep it safe. That is why accountability for the premise’s liability is of the utmost importance.

Hazardous Property Conditions

The Fort Myers personal injury attorneys at the Wolfson Law Firm represents clients that have been injured in premises liability cases that include all sort of hazardous property conditions. These can include:

  • Slip and fall from moveable objects
  • Slip and fall from unnecessarily slippery walking areas
  • Slip and fall from poorly maintained floors with slippery mold or growth buildup
  • Insufficient maintenance of the property resulting in trip and fall injury
  • Uneven sidewalks that result in a trip and fall
  • Potholes in parking lots causing trip and fall
  • Faulty conditions on the premises
  • Insufficient building security that led to injury or assault
  • Injuries sustained in swimming pools
  • Falling objects in produce facilities, apartment buildings, and retail stores
  • Trip and falls
  • Water leaks or flooding that result in a slip and fall accident
  • Hazardous toxic gases or chemicals
  • Exposed live electrical wires
  • Damaged concrete or stairs
  • Uneven stairs resulting in a fall
  • Insufficient lighting
  • Lack of surveillance cameras
  • Absence of proper guard railing
  • Lack of apartment safety
  • Inadequate maintenance of escalators or elevators
Fort Myers Premises Liability Serious Injury Lawyers

Our Fort Myers premises liability attorneys understand this importance and that is why we complete our due diligence to assure your injuries are rightfully compensated. We investigate every aspect of the slip and fall accident by conducting interviews with other onlookers that were present, reviewing security camera footage and even consulting property safety experts to help reveal the negligence of property owners.

It is also unfortunate that in most cases, we have found property owners may attempt to delete or alter potentially admissible evidence or let go of employees who may have been involved or witnessed what had occurred. This is done to avoid or alleviate the financial responsibility of the property owner. Also included with premises liability is negligent security law, which we will conduct the same thorough evaluation and analysis to ensure you are protected from these unfortunate events. When you hire us, we work to protect your interests and collect the evidence that is necessary for you to win your case.

Should you have any questions or feel that we may be able to assist you in fighting your case, contact our Fort Myers Liability Attorneys at the Wolfson Law Firm today for a free consultation to review your case. 
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