Family Dollar Accidents

Were you hurt when shopping at your local Family Dollar? Did you fall in the parking lot or over boxes lying on the floor? People injured in slip or trip and fall accidents at Family Dollar or other stores should reach out to the best Fort Myers personal injury lawyer around.

Falling accidents may not seem that serious. But they can cause extensive injuries if you hit your head or twist your neck or back, trying to catch yourself. You may require a hospital stay, physical therapy, and continuing care when you get hurt. A personal injury attorney assists accident victims by filing their case and working to reach a settlement to compensate the victim for their loss.

Are you wondering if you have a case? Wolfson & Leon provides a free consultation with our Fort Myers slip and fall lawyers where you can learn what legal rights you may have and ask questions. You can call our personal injury lawyers today at (239) 777-9954.

Why are Slip and Trip Fall Injuries Serious?

No one expects to get hurt when doing everyday things. Yet you can get hurt if you fall while shopping for groceries, picking up a prescription, and even going to the pet store. A wet floor, broken pavement, or boxes sitting in the aisle may cause you to slip or trip and fall. You may hit your head on the hard floor, the corner of a sharp shelf, or a countertop when you fall. People often try to catch themselves, which can lead to broken bones, torn ligaments, and sprains.

Extensive injuries may require costly medical treatment. The average cost for a hospital stay from a slip and fall accident is estimated to run around $30,000 based on information from the Centers for Disease Control. Consider that you will spend time recovering at home, follow-up doctor visits, medication, and rehabilitation, medical services will be expensive.

Adding to the stress of the accident, victims with severe injuries may not be able to work for an extended period. If you are getting hit with high medical bills and aren’t bringing home any money, this can be an incredible financial strain for an accident victim and their family. If you feel buried under the mound of medical bills, you need to speak with Wolfson & Leon at (239) 777-9954.

Fort Myers Personal Injury Legal Team

People hurt in accidents at Dollar Tree and other retail establishments may be able to receive monetary damages to pay for their medical treatment, as well as lost wages, future care, and different needs. Our Fort Myers personal injury lawyers help people hurt in a variety of accidents such as;

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