Fort Myers Landlord Responsibility for Injuries

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No one expects to get hurt at the apartment building where they live. But if your landlord doesn’t ensure the safety of their property for guests, you could find yourself seriously hurt if you trip and fall in the parking lot or slip on a wet floor in the common area. A Fort Myers apartment building accident can leave you with broken bones, head trauma, electrical burns, or other serious injuries.

If you suffered a significant injury at your apartment building, you should speak with the best Fort Myers accident lawyer you can find as soon as possible.

What is Multifamily Housing in Florida?

Multifamily housing in Florida refers to residential buildings or developments that contain multiple separate housing units within a single structure or complex. These units are designed to accommodate multiple households or families within the same building or group of buildings. Multifamily housing in Florida encompasses various types of residential properties, including:

  1. Apartment Buildings: These are typically larger structures containing multiple individual rental units. Apartments may vary in size and layout, ranging from studio apartments to multi-bedroom units.
  2. Condominiums: Condos are individually owned units within a larger multifamily development. Owners of condominium units typically have shared ownership of common areas and amenities, such as hallways, parking areas, and recreational facilities.
  3. Townhomes: Townhouses are multi-level residences that share walls with adjacent units. They offer a balance between single-family homes and apartment living, providing homeowners with a combination of privacy and community amenities.
  4. Duplexes and Triplexes: These are buildings containing two or three separate units, respectively. Each unit has its own entrance and may share common areas such as yards or driveways.
  5. Mixed-Use Developments: In urban areas, multifamily housing may be integrated into mixed-use developments that combine residential units with commercial spaces, such as retail stores, restaurants, or offices.

Multifamily housing in Florida caters to a diverse range of residents, including renters and homeowners, and provides various amenities and services to enhance residents' quality of life. These developments play a crucial role in meeting the housing needs of Florida's growing population and contribute to the state's vibrant real estate market.

Can a Landlord Be Held Responsible for Injuries on Their Property?

Fort Myers is a bustling community located on the southwest coast of Florida. This coastal city is known for its year-round warm weather, relaxing beaches, and quaint downtown boutiques and restaurants.

Since its founding in 1885, Fort Myers has experienced considerable growth and currently boasts a population of 104,627. Apartment buildings and complexes make up 53% of the city’s housing options. In Fort Myers, over 51% of the households rent their homes.

Under Florida’s premises liability law, landlords are responsible for maintaining rental properties to protect the safety of tenants and their guests. A landlord may be considered negligent when they don’t take reasonable steps to ensure a safe premises.

Landlords are subject to different levels of responsibility based on why someone is on the property.

Invitee: A landlord owes invitees the highest level of care. An invitee is on the landlord’s property for a legitimate business purpose, such as a tenant or a person hired by the landlord to make repairs. Under premises liability laws, landlords should:

  • Conduct regular inspections of their property
  • Repair any known hazards or notify invitees of their existence.
  • Notify invitees of concealed dangers that should be reasonably known to the landlord but are unknown to the invitee.

Licensee: A licensee is an uninvited guest on the property. Licensees are often on the property for social reasons, such as family members or friends of a tenant. While landlords don’t owe licensees the same level of care, they should still fix known hazards or notify guests of the danger.

Trespasser: When someone enters the property without permission, they are considered a trespasser. Even though a trespasser doesn’t have permission to be on the property, a landlord may bear some liability for their safety. Landlords should warn anyone on the property of potential dangers and avoid causing intentional harm, even if they do not have permission to be onsite.

Landlords have a special duty of care toward minors. Children may be drawn to a property because of its attractive nuisances, like a pool or playground. However, children may not recognize potential harmful conditions that may exist. A landlord may need to take additional steps to secure pools or remove discarded appliances from the property to avoid injury.

Common Accidents at a Fort Myers Apartment Building

Property owners, management companies, and landlords must keep the property safe for visitors. Common causes of accidents at a Fort Myers apartment building include:

  • Slips and falls on wet floors in common areas or entryways
  • Poor lighting or broken light fixtures in parking lots or exterior walkways
  • Balconies with loose or missing railings
  • Broken or malfunctioning elevators
  • Faulty or overloaded wiring
  • Pools without appropriate safety guards, such as locks or fences
  • Chemical burns
  • Dog bites
  • Falling lights or objects
  • Electrocution or injury caused by malfunctioning appliances
  • Parking lot trips and falls caused by potholes or broken pavement
  • Boxes, debris, or other obstructions left in walkways or stairwells
  • Stairwells with broken or loose handrails
  • Lack of oversight at pools or hot tubs
  • Overgrown bushes or trees blocking the view of drivers in the parking lot
  • Broken or missing security locks on doors or windows
  • Criminal activity due to inadequate security measures
Do I Have a Claim Against My Landlord in Fort Myers?

The facts and circumstances around your accident at a Fort Myers apartment building determine whether you have a claim against your landlord. So, speaking with a Fort Myers personal injury attorney is a good idea if you have been seriously hurt in a slip, trip, fall, or any other accident.

A Fort Myers premises liability lawyer can help you better understand if you have a case by reviewing such factors as:

  • Standard of care – What standard of care did the landlord owe you? Do you live on the property? Or did you get hurt while visiting a friend or family member at a Fort Myers apartment building? Depending on the level of care you were owed, you might have a premise liability claim if the landlord didn’t regularly inspect the property. You might also have a claim if they didn’t take reasonable steps to fix a known hazard or notify you of its existence.
  • Breach of care – Did the landlord breach the level of care owed to you? Did their negligence cause the accident? Were you severely injured because of a landlord’s negligent actions?
  • Financial damages – Have you suffered economic harm because of the landlord’s negligence? Do your injuries require medical care? Were you unable to work because you were hurt?
Why Call a Fort Myers Apartment Accident Lawyer?

If you were seriously hurt at a Fort Myers apartment building, it’s a good idea to find out what legal rights to compensation you might have. Whether you fell, were struck by a falling object, or were severely hurt due to faulty wiring, you may need extensive medical care and time to heal from your injuries. Not only could you be stuck with costly bills for your medical care, but your personal finances could also suffer if you cannot go back to work until you have recovered.

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