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Chain Reaction Accidents

When three or more cars are involved in a series of accidents that is commonly called a chain reaction accident. Typically, the first car causes an accident which can result in a subsequent accident. Statistically, chain reaction accidents account for 13,000 of traffic-accident related injuries every year.

Chain reaction accidents bring a greater degree of danger to those on the road as a car can sustain damage from multiple directions. While many of us may believe that the first driver that caused the accident is at-fault that may not always be the case. With multiple drivers involved, establishing liability and fault can be tricky. Given the unique set of legal issues that can stem from a chain reaction accident, it is critical to consult a Fort Myers Chain Reaction accident lawyer at the Wolfson Law Firm. They will investigate the nature of the accident and file suit against the parties involved on your behalf.

Our Fort Myers personal injury attorneys will defend your rights to help you get the maximum settlement that you deserve to pay for your recovery and property damage. If you were hurt in a chain reaction accident and don’t know what to do next, call the Wolfson Law Firm. We offer a free consultation and can answer any questions that you may have. Call us today at 239-777-9954

Common Fort Myers Chain Reaction Accidents

A chain reaction accident can happen just about anywhere. Some of the most common forms of chain reaction accidents include;

  • Sitting at a light – The last car in the line may be unable to stop, hitting the car in front of them. The impact of this accident may push that car that was hit into the car in front of them. The force of the impact can even push cars into intersections where they may be hit by oncoming cars.
  • Travelling on the highway – If a car hits another at a high speed, both drivers may lose control of their cars. They may spin out and hit another car.
  • Avoidance – In some cases, drivers may swerve out of the way to avoid an impending accident, only to hit another car or object.

Passengers can be seriously hurt when they are hit from multiple directions. If you sustained head trauma, neck and back injuries, broken bones, or internal organ damage as the result of a chain reaction accident, you can expect to see high medical bills and be unable to work while you are recovering. This can add an incredible amount of financial stress on injured victims and their families during a time when they should be focused on getting better. If you or someone you love was hurt in a chain reaction accident, you should seek the help of the personal injury attorneys at the Wolfson Law Firm. We help victims injured in a variety of chain reaction car crashes including;

  • Fort Myers lawyer for chain reaction car crash at a stoplight
  • Chain reaction car accident caused by bad weather on a Fort Myers street
  • Three car pile-up crash accident injury lawyer in Fort Myers
  • Fort Myers victim injured when rear-ended in a chain reaction car crash
  • Attorney for pedestrian hurt when hit by a driver avoiding a car accident
  • Fort Myers pile-up accident caused by a distracted driver
  • High-speed automobile chain reaction accident on a Fort Myers highway
  • Fort Myers lawyer for an automobile accident caused by a car pushed into oncoming traffic
  • Three-car chain reaction car crash caused by an impaired driver failing to stop
  • Attorney for Fort Myers highway automobile accident caused by a failure to yield
  • Head-on collision resulting from a driver losing control after being hit on a Fort Myers highway
  • Fort Myers storefront car crash injuries resulting from a driver avoiding an accident
  • Slippery roadway chain reaction accident causing serious injury on a Fort Myers street
Help for Injured Victims of a Fort Myers Chain Reaction Car Crash

With multiple parties involved at different levels of responsibility, you need the experience of a Fort Myers car crash lawyer to help you navigate through the specifics. They will gather evidence, speak to witnesses, and prepare your case. The Wolfson Law Firm is well-versed in the applicable laws and will represent your interests when negotiating a settlement or defending your rights in court.

With offices located in Miami, Fort Lauderdale, West Palm Beach, and Fort Myers, we represent victims of chain reaction accidents throughout Florida including the communities of Naples, Lehigh Aces, Cape Coral, North Fort Myers, Sanibel, Golden Gate, Marco Island and Immokalee. If you were injured in a chain reaction accident, you have rights. Contact the Wolfson Law Firm to learn about your legal options. Call us at 239-777-9954.

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