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When you slip and fall or are hurt by a falling object while visiting a place of business, you may have a premises liability claim. Accidents like these may be caused when a business owner or manager does not take the steps needed to ensure your safety while you are on their property. Your injuries may be painful and require significant medical care and recovery time.

Not only can severe injuries affect your health and mental well-being, but you may also be financially harmed. When your family is impacted by a critical injury caused by someone else's negligence, you should speak with a Tampa premises liability lawyer to find out what rights you may have to recover compensation.

For almost 60 years, the Tampa personal injury lawyers at Wolfson & Leon have helped families recover damages when someone else's negligence has hurt them. It's unfair when injured victims are stuck paying for an accident that was not their fault. To find out how Wolfson & Leon can help, you can speak with a Tampa premises liability lawyer today at no charge when you call (239) 777-9954.

What Are Common Premises Liability Claims in Tampa?

A premises liability claim may result when you get hurt visiting a place of business. Owners and managers must maintain a safe premise for visitors on their property. When they do not keep a safe environment, people can be seriously hurt.

Some of the most frequent premises liability claims result from slip and fall accidents. Slippery floors, loose floor mats, or liquid leaking onto a floor may cause someone to slip and fall. A Tampa premises liability claim may also result from accidents caused by:

  • Falling objects: Signs, merchandise, or displays that are not adequately secured could fall, hitting a shopper below.
  • Elevators or escalators: When an elevator or escalator malfunctions or is not adequately maintained, visitors may be seriously hurt. For example, if the elevator does not open evenly with the floor outside, people may trip and fall as they enter or leave. People riding on an escalator could fall if it stops suddenly. Escalator riders could get their fingers caught if there are gaps in the railing or have their feet or shoelaces caught in the tracks.
  • Stairwells: When stairwells have broken steps, loose handrails, and poor lighting, a visitor may trip or slip and fall.
  • Parking lots: A visitor may be injured as they walk through a parking lot if it is not kept. Potholes, broken pavement, and hidden curbs may lead to an accident. A person may be hit by a car if the parking lot has overgrown bushes or signs that block a driver’s view.

Premises liability claims in Tampa may arise if poor security fire, toxic chemicals, dog bites,

Do I Have a Tampa Premises Liability Claim?

Depending on the reason you were on the property and the actions taken by the owner or manager, you might have a premises liability claim if you were injured in an accident. The level of care that an owner or store manager owes is based on why a person is on their property.

  • Visitors are on the property in the ordinary course of business and, as such, are afforded the highest level of care. They may be a customer, client, or repair person. An owner or manager must exercise the highest level of care for visitors, including taking reasonable steps to inspect the property for potential hazards and either repairing the damage or notifying visitors of its existence. An owner or manager should also inform visitors of concealed dangers that they should have known about.
  • An owner has a lesser responsibility to a guest who visits the property for social reasons, such as visiting a friend or attending a party. While the owner should fix any known hazards or alert guests of their existence, they do not have the same responsibility to notify guests of dangers that they should have known about.
  • The property owner or manager owes the lowest duty of care to an uninvited guest, also known as a trespasser. In these situations, an owner should take steps to avoid reckless injury if a trespasser enters their property. Such owner actions may include installing a fence around a pool or locking up dangerous equipment.

Even if you were hurt at a place of business, it does not necessarily mean that you will recover compensation. To file a Tampa premises liability claim, you must be able to prove:

  • The property's owner or operator owed you a specific level of care.
  • This duty of care was breached.
  • The owner or manager’s breach of care caused your injuries.
  • And you suffered economic damages because of your injuries.
Why Should You Speak With a Tampa Premises Liability Accident Lawyer?

If you get hurt at a restaurant, store, or office building, you may be contacted by the company's lawyers or insurance agent to settle. When you struggle to pay your medical bills and stay ahead of your household expenses, a quick settlement can sound attractive.

But if you settle without knowing what rights you have to compensation, you may receive far less than you should. And if your recovery time takes longer or your injuries are worse than doctors initially expected, you may not receive enough compensation to pay for your care. Seeking the help of a Tampa premises liability lawyer may ensure you receive the compensation owed when you have been hurt.

Tampa Premises Liability Injury Accident Law Firm

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