Tampa Home Depot Injury Accident Lawyer

Thousands of customers visit Home Depot every day for their home improvement needs. As one of the country's largest home improvement stores, Home Depot is popular with people searching for supplies for home repairs and cleaning, do-it-yourself projects, and lawn care.

With wide-open aisles and shelves stacked high with tools and household supplies, Home Depot stores feel inviting when you walk through the door. Yet, these warehouse-style stores can pose hazards to shoppers. Whether you were hit by falling merchandise or were tripped and fell in the parking lot, you could be badly hurt when shopping at Home Depot.

Since 1963, Wolfson & Leon have helped people badly hurt in accidents at retail establishments, such as Home Depot, recover compensation for their injuries. Our Tampa accident lawyers work tirelessly to reach the best settlement possible for their clients. Our Tampa personal injury lawyers stay by your side from your first call to settlement.

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Hurt at a Tampa Home Depot Store?

You can find anything you need for projects or repairs around your home at your local Tampa Home Depot store. There are seven Home Depot stores scattered throughout Tampa, including:

  • 8815 N Florida Avenue
  • 1712 N. Dale Mabry Highway
  • 16121 N. Dale Mabry Highway
  • 9941 E. Adams Drive
  • 6730 Memorial Highway
  • 5125 S. Dale Mabry Highway
  • 17601 Bruce B Downs Blvd.

Typical causes of injuries in a Tampa Home Depot store accident include:

  • Wet floors: Home Depot carries an array of household cleaners, paint, and other liquid solutions. If containers or broken or leaking, the fluid can pool up on the floor and cause someone to slip and fall. Floors may also become wet if rainwater splashes into the entryway or if people track in water from the outside.
  • Walkway hazards: Shelves or displays that stick out in the aisle or debris left in the walkway from restocking merchandise may cause someone to trip and fall. Shoppers could be hurt if they get cut by sharp corners on shelves.
  • Falling objects: Merchandise that is not safely stored on high shelves could fall and hit a customer below. If shelves do not have proper barriers between aisles, an employee could push inventory onto customers in another aisle as they restock shelves.
  • Slick floors: Sawdust from lumber and other wood products may accumulate on the floor, creating a slippery surface for customers as they walk through the store.
  • Parking lot accidents: Home Depot customers may drive large trucks or SUVs that are roomy enough to carry lumber, appliances, or other sizable merchandise. Larger vehicles backing out and driving through the lot can be dangerous to shoppers on foot. Home Depot customers may also be hurt if surfaces are broken or uneven in the parking lot. When it rains outside, shoppers could slip and fall on the paint used to designate parking spaces and crosswalks.

If you were hurt at a Tampa Home Depot or any other warehouse store, you should seek medical attention as soon as possible. The injuries you sustain may be far more severe than you know and could be further aggravated if you don't get medical help quickly.

Why Call a Tampa Home Depot Accident Lawyer?

Home Depot and other large stores often have legal teams whose sole job is to limit their losses when people get hurt. If you have been severely injured at a Home Depot store, you may be offered a settlement by their attorneys. Settling on your own may seem like a straightforward way to put this incident behind you. Just keep in mind that the settlement offered may not be sufficient to cover your financial needs. You may be out of work longer than you expected. You could require more medical treatment than your doctor initially anticipated. Once you have agreed to the settlement, you won't be entitled to receive more money if you need it.

When you have been hurt in Home Depot or any other retail store, you should speak with a Tampa Home Depot accident lawyer as soon as you can to find out what your legal rights are. At Wolfson & Leon, we spend the time to answer your questions and share what legal help may be possible. Should you have a claim that you want to pursue, our Tampa accident lawyer works with you to build your case. Our Tampa accident lawyers strive to get the best possible settlement for you.

Are you worried about legal fees? At Wolfson & Leon, you pay no fees for our legal services unless we settle your case. This arrangement helps injured people get the legal help they need without worrying about paying legal fees.

If you were hurt in an accident, find out how Wolfson & Leon can help by calling (239) 777-9954 today.

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