North Fort Myers Walmart Accident

With over 4,700 stores found throughout the United States, Walmart stores are a popular place to shop. Stocked with groceries, cleaning supplies, clothing, home goods, and automotive equipment, you can find anything you need at your local Walmart. Along with their vast selection of products, Walmart stores attract shoppers with their low prices.

While Walmart stores are known for their convenience and budget-friendly prices, shoppers can be at risk of injury when they visit their local store. People may be hurt in the parking lot or as they shop inside.

When you are badly injured in a Walmart Supercenter or Walmart Neighborhood Market accident, you should consider speaking with a best North Fort Myers personal injury lawyer. Severe injuries may take weeks to recover from and could affect the quality of your life. A bad accident may prevent you from working, adding stress to your family's finances.

When you are hurt in a Walmart accident, you should speak with the Wolfson Law Firm. Our North Fort Myers Walmart accident attorneys can review your case and let you know what legal help may be available to you with our free consultation. It is important to know what rights you may have when you have been hurt. Find out more by speaking with a North Fort Myers Walmart accident lawyer at the Wolfson Law Firm by calling (239) 777-9954 today.

Walmart Accident in North Fort Myers

With plenty of residential neighborhoods, schools, and parks, North Fort Myers has become a popular place to retire or raise a family. Hiking and kayaking along the Caloosahatchee River are popular with residents who enjoy the outdoors. With many restaurants and stores nearby, residents can find about anything they need.

Low prices and a wide array of groceries, home goods, and clothes make Walmart a popular store. Thousands of residents and tourists frequent the Walmart Supercenter found at 545 Pine Island Road every year.

Despite its popularity and massive size, Walmart stores can pose hazards to unsuspecting customers. Accidents in Walmart and other warehouse-style stores include slips and trips, falling merchandise, and parking lot accidents.

  • Slip and fall accidents may happen when walking surfaces become slippery. Spilled drinks, malfunctioning refrigerators and freezers, and broken bottles that leak fluid may cause floors to become slick if not cleaned up promptly. Dropped fruits or vegetables that are stepped on may leave a slippery residue, which can cause a customer to slip and fall. Even a newly mopped or waxed floor can pose a slipped hazard if shoppers are not made aware of the danger with a posted warning sign.
  • Walmart stores have high shelves stocked with merchandise that may fall if not properly secured. If hit with falling merchandise, customers may experience head, neck, or back injuries.
  • Store entrances may become slippery if rainwater splashes in or customers track in water with their shoes. Floor mats that aren’t secure may slide out from under a shopper when stepped on.
  • Shoppers may also be injured when walking through the parking lot. Potholes, broken car stops, and hidden curbs may cause a customer to trip and fall.
  • The large volume of cars traveling through the lot can be dangerous to shoppers walking to and from the store. Drivers who don't stop at crosswalks or corners may hit someone walking through the parking lot. A driver who doesn't closely check as they back out of a parking spot may hit a pedestrian walking behind their car.
Why Call a North Fort Myers Walmart Accident Lawyer?

Walmart and other large retailers want to keep their costs down when people get hurt. Their lawyers or insurance companies may offer you a fast settlement to close your case. When you struggle with paying your medical and household bills because you cannot work, settling quickly may seem like a good choice. But your injuries may be more extensive than you think. You could be out of work longer than expected or may require continuing care. If you settle too fast, you may not have enough money to cover these costs.

It is in your best interest to find out your legal rights before accepting any settlement on your own. The attorneys at the Wolfson Law Firm specialize in personal injury law. Our legal team helps accident victims recover the money they need to pay for their medical expenses, prescriptions, doctor visits, and future care, if necessary. Our North Fort Myers personal injury lawyers handle your case by making phone calls, completing paperwork, and negotiating a settlement with insurance companies on your behalf.

Find out how the North Fort Myers personal injury team at the Wolfson Law Firm can help by calling (239) 777-9954 for your free consultation.

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