North Fort Myers Hotel Accident

For many of us, hotels become our “home away from home” when we travel. People stay in hotels for business trips or when they go on vacation. Some hotels go to great lengths to keep their guests occupied by offering pools, on-site restaurants, and exercise equipment.

Like our homes, hotels can be a place to relax and recharge. Yet even the most upscale hotels can pose safety risks to guests if they aren't kept. Slips or trips may happen in hotel lobbies, parking lots, and rooms. These accidents can lead to severe head injuries, broken bones, or damage to a person's back or neck.

If you were badly injured at a hotel in North Fort Myers, you should speak with the Wolfson Law Firm. Our personal injury legal team helps people injured in hotel accidents recover damages to pay for medical treatment, doctor visits, lost wages, and pain and suffering. You can learn more about your rights when you call the Wolfson Law Firm at (239) 777-9954 for a free case evaluation today.

Hurt at a North Myers Hotel?

Whether you are staying in an upscale or budget-friendly hotel when you travel, accidents can occur. Common areas where people get hurt when staying at hotels include:

Bathroom slip and falls: A shower or bathtub that does not have a proper non-slip surface may cause people to fall when getting in or out. Bathroom floors may become slippery from water that splashes out from a shower or bathtub.

Hotel entrances and lobbies: If it is raining outside, entryways may become slick if water is tracked in by patrons or splashes inside. With many hotels serving coffee or water in the lobby, the floors may be slippery if drinks are spilled or drip onto the floor.

Stairwells: Many hotels have stairs inside or outside of the building. Loose railings, broken stairs, and poor lighting may cause a person to slip and fall.

Swimming pools or hot tubs: Hotel guests may slip and fall if water from pools or hot tubs is splashed onto the walkways.

Parking lots: A parking lot with potholes, broken pavement, or hidden curbs may cause someone to trip or slip and fall. Guests may also trip and fall if the parking lot isn’t appropriately lit at night.

Why Contact a Hotel Accident Injury Attorney?

When you have been severely hurt in a North Fort Myers hotel accident, you should seek medical help at once. Even when your injuries do not seem serious, it is a good idea to get checked out. Damage from a slip or trip and fall may not be apparent when the accident happens. You may not realize that you hit your head or injured your back or neck until later. If you skip seeing a doctor, you could make your injury worse.

If you were hurt while visiting a hotel, you should report your accident to the hotel manager or staff member in charge. It is helpful to get a copy of any paperwork completed to document your injury.

Significant medical treatment may be necessary for a guest who is seriously hurt in a hotel slip or trip and fall accident. The cost of medical procedures, hospitalization, and medication can quickly add up. Since accident victims often cannot work during their recovery, they may be without income during their recovery. Injuries sustained in an accident can be financially devastating for a family, especially if the person injured is the primary income source.

When you have been hurt in a hotel accident, it is a good idea to seek legal help. The insurance company or lawyers for a hotel may often offer you a quick settlement. Settling fast may seem like the best option for people who are badly hurt and struggling financially. But if your injuries are more extensive or recovery time takes longer, you may end up with less compensation than you need. You may be eligible for added compensation if your injury affects your future income potential or requires ongoing care. A quick settlement might not include this much-needed compensation. Learn your rights to recover damages by speaking with a hotel accident attorney at the Wolfson Law Firm.

Hilton Hotel Injury Accident Law Firm

If you have been badly hurt at a North Fort Myers hotel, contact Wolfson Law Firm to discuss your case. Whether you are struggling to pay for your medical bills or just want to know what rights to monetary damages you have when you have been hurt, the Wolfson Law Firm may be able to help you. Contact the North Fort Myers personal injury lawyers at the Wolfson Law Firm for your free and confidential consultation. Ask questions, talk to us about your case, and learn what rights you may have to recover compensation. Call the Wolfson Law Firm now at (239) 777-9954.

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