North Fort Myers Gas Station Accident

No one expects to get hurt while filling their gas tank or stopping into a convenience store. But that doesn't eliminate the hazards in everyday tasks. Slippery sidewalks, broken pavement, and poorly lit parking lots can lead to accidents where people can be severely injured.

The Wolfson Law Firm works with residents of North Fort Myers when they have been gravely injured in an accident. Since 1963, our North Fort Myers personal injury lawyers have helped clients recover money for medical care, physical rehabilitation, doctor visits, medication, and other related costs. We may be able to help you when you’ve been hurt in a gas station accident. Call (239) 777-9954 today for a free and confidential consultation.

Hurt at a North Fort Myers Gas Station?

Once named Woodrow after the country’s 28th president, Woodrow Wilson, North Fort Myers began as a series of pioneer settlements near the Caloosahatchee River. Starting with a population of 50 people in the early 1900s, North Fort Myers now boasts over 42,000 residents. The area is a mix of residential neighborhoods and rural communities.

If you slipped and fell or were injured in the parking lot of a gas station, you need to seek medical attention at once if your injuries are severe. In addition, it is recommended that you do the following.

Talk to the gas station manager: When you are hurt in an accident at a gas station, you should report this to the manager or employee in charge. Ask for a copy of the report or form that they complete to document your accident.

Get contact information: If anyone saw your accident, be sure to ask for their contact information. This can be helpful if your attorney needs to reach out to them in the future.

Take pictures: It is helpful to take pictures of the area where your accident occurred. If you slipped on a recently mopped floor but didn't see a warning sign, be sure to get a picture of the area.

See a medical professional: If your injuries don't seem serious at the time, you may be less inclined to get checked out by a doctor. Often, damage may not be apparent when the accident happens. But you may not realize that you've been hurt until later. It is good to see a medical professional to prevent aggravating your injuries.

Seek legal help: Protecting your interests when you have been badly hurt starts with knowing your rights in an accident. When you seek legal help, you find out what options may be available to help you pay for medical care, lost income, and future treatment.

The North Fort Myers gas station accident attorneys at the Wolfson Law Firm may be able to help you when you have been badly hurt. Find out how by calling (239) 777-9954 today.

North Fort Myers Gas Station Accident Law Firm

When people get hurt in slips and falls or other accidents, they often don't know they have legal rights to collect compensation for their injuries. Accident victims may avoid reporting the accident because they think it was their fault. Or people hurt in accidents may choose to just deal with it themselves because they don't believe they can afford legal help.

For almost 60 years, the North Fort Myers personal injury lawyers at the Wolfson Law Firm have represented the interests of people badly hurt in accidents. To help accident victims understand their rights, we offer a free and confidential evaluation of your accident. You pay no legal fees to find out what legal avenues may be available.

Should you decide to pursue a lawsuit, our North Fort Myers gas station accident lawyers help build your claim and negotiate a settlement on your behalf. Our North Fort Myers personal injury attorneys do not charge for their service unless we settle your case. People badly hurt in accidents don't need to worry about paying for their legal help.

If you were hurt in a gas station accident, call the North Fort Myers attorneys at the Wolfson Law Firm today at (239) 777-9954.

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