North Fort Myers 7-Eleven Injury Accident

If you were gravely injured while visiting a 7-Eleven store, you should speak with a North Fort Myers personal injury attorney. Beyond recovering money to pay your medical bills, you could be entitled to recover damages for your pain and suffering. You may be reimbursed for income you lost if you cannot work. For accident victims who have life-altering injuries, you might be able to recover damages to pay for future medical care or to compensate you for a loss of future earning potential.

When you have been hurt in a 7-Eleven accident, you do not have to go at this alone. The Wolfson Law Firm represents shoppers injured in 7-Eleven and other convenience stores. We help injured clients navigate through the process of filing a lawsuit. Our North Fort Myers personal injury lawyers take care of the paperwork and settlement negotiations for you.

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Were You Injured at a North Fort Myers 7-Eleven Convenience Store?

Founded in 1927, 7-Eleven is a popular chain of convenience stores. With over 9,500 locations throughout the country, you can find a 7-Eleven on about any busy road. With an eye on convenience, 7-Eleven makes it easy to fill your gas tank or run and pick up bread or milk on your way home. You can visit 7-Eleven at one of the four sites in North Fort Myers.

  • 18971 State Road 31
  • 5570 Bayshore Road
  • 15999 State Highway 45
  • 17930 N. Tamiami Trail

Every day, 7-Eleven stores attract thousands of people. With so much activity going on, customers could be injured if the store doesn't take steps to keep people safe. People can get hurt if they slip near gas pumps or trip and fall as they walk through the parking lot. Shoppers could slip and fall inside the store if spilled coffee, soda, or other liquids aren't cleaned up promptly. They could also be injured if a falling display or sign hit them.

Injuries that may happen at a North Fort Myers 7-Eleven store include:

  • Traumatic brain injuries, including concussions, brain bleeding, or skull fractures, may occur if a person hits their head on a firm surface or is hit by a falling object.
  • A customer may break bones when they fall. A broken bone may happen as your body hits the floor or pavement. You could also break a bone if you try to catch yourself from falling.
  • Slips and falls may injure your back or neck if you hit a hard surface. These types of injuries may also happen if your body jerks suddenly if you try to catch yourself.
  • You may experience strains or sprains if your body twists around as you try to prevent a fall.
Why Call a North Fort Myers 7-Eleven Injury Lawyer?

If you are gravely injured in an accident at a 7-Eleven or another convenience store or gas station, you may be entitled to recover damages. The amount you could receive depends on the severity of your injuries and the impact of your accident on your life. For some people, their injuries may not only require substantial medical treatment, but it could also affect the quality of your life and your ability to earn a living in the future.

A North Fort Myers personal injury lawyer specializes in cases like yours. They know what rights you have when you have been hurt and what compensation you might receive. At the Wolfson Law Firm, our North Fort Myers 7-Eleven accident attorneys take care of all aspects of your case. They make calls and submit paperwork on your behalf. They work with insurance companies and legal teams to negotiate a settlement for you.

Even if you have a case, you might be concerned that you cannot afford to pay for legal representation. The Wolfson Law Firm works with clients on a contingent-fee basis, which means you pay for our legal services only when your case is settled. This way, you get the legal help you need without stressing over how you will pay for it.

If you were hurt in a North Fort Myers 7-Eleven, don't wait to find out what legal rights you have. Call the North Fort Myers accident lawyers at the Wolfson Law Firm today at (239) 777-9954.

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