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Did you slip on a wet floor at your local Walmart? Were you badly injured after being struck by a falling display or merchandise? Trip and fall over the cracked pavement in a Walmart parking lot?

If you were seriously injured in a Walmart accident, you should immediately speak with a best Naples Walmart accident lawyer. You need to take steps now to protect your rights. Big companies, like Walmart, protect themselves from losing money. They likely have legal and insurance departments dedicated to keeping payouts for accidents and injuries as low as possible. In some cases, you could be offered a quick settlement. Other times, your claim could be ignored altogether. Keep in mind neither situation is in your best interest.

If you were severely hurt at Walmart, you might have the right to compensation for your injuries. To protect your financial interests, you should seek the help of a best Naples personal injury lawyer experienced in Walmart slips and falls, parking lot injuries, and other accidents.

At Wolfson & Leon, our Naples Walmart accident lawyers offer a free consultation to people hurt at Walmart. Ask questions, find out if you have a case, and learn what compensation you could recover by calling our Naples Walmart accident attorneys today at (239) 777-9954.

Walmart Supercenter Slip and Fall Accident

Naples is an upscale beach community located on the Gulf of Mexico. Sunny skies and quiet beaches make Naples a great place to relax and unwind. Naples features high-end shopping, art galleries, and quaint cafes.

Walmart is a popular place to shop. These massive stores make it easy to find everything you need in just one place. Whether shopping for groceries, household items, clothing, furniture, or electronics, you can get what you need at a Naples Walmart Supercenter. You can find several Walmart locations in Naples;

  • Walmart Supercenter – 6650 Collier Blvd
  • Walmart Supercenter – 9885 Collier Blvd
  • Walmart Store – 3451 Tamiami Trail E
  • Walmart Supercenter – 5420 Juliet Blvd
  • Walmart Neighborhood Market – 5010 Airport Pulling Road N

Convenience and low prices draw thousands of people to Walmart every day. Yet, the massive size and constant store traffic could make shopping at Walmart dangerous.

Slips and falls are common accidents that may happen at Walmart. Spilled drinks and broken bottles can leave floors wet. Condensation from a malfunctioning freezer or refrigerator may leave walking surfaces slick. You could slip and fall if you step on a floor mat without a good non-slip surface or produce mashed onto the floor.

When you slip and fall, you may experience nothing more than a few bruises and cuts. Yet, there are times when a slip and fall accident results in serious, even permanent, injuries. Common slip and fall injuries at Walmart include:

  • Broken bones: A severe break in a bone could require surgery and a long recovery time.
  • Spinal cord damage: If your spinal cord is compressed or severed, you need immediate medical care. Spinal cord injuries can be extensive and permanently impact your ability to move.
  • Head injuries: A significant blow to the head may result in swelling, bleeding, or even a loss of consciousness. Some head injuries are treatable; others can impair your ability to move, think, or reason.
  • Soft tissue injuries: While soft tissue injuries may not be visible, that doesn’t make them any less painful. Torn ligaments or tendons, sprained ankles, wrists, or pulled muscles need medical care and recovery time.
Premises Liability Claims at Walmart

You expect to be safe when you shop at Walmart or any other retailer. Under premise liability law, store owners and managers must ensure the safety of visitors on their property. When owners or managers become aware of hazardous conditions on their property, they should take steps to fix the problem or notify visitors of the danger. A visitor could be severely injured if they fail to take the appropriate steps.

To prove a premise liability claim, you must show that the owner or manager was aware of the danger but did not take steps to fix it or inform you of the hazard. So, if an employee mops a floor but fails to put up a warning sign letting you know about the wet surface, Walmart could be responsible for your injuries if you slip and fall. And if you suffered financial damage, you could be compensated for your medical bills and lost wages.

Why Call a Naples Personal Injury Law Firm?

Since 1963, the personal injury attorneys at Wolfson & Leon have fought for the rights of people badly hurt at Walmart. Our Naples accident lawyers specialize in personal injury cases like yours. We can help you understand what rights you have when injured at Walmart. We handle all aspects of filing and defend your claim for you. And our goal is to help you maximize the financial compensation due to you.

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