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Building a garden oasis or deck in your backyard is a great way to spend the weekend, but getting hurt while shopping at a Lowes Home Improvement store isn’t. If you were fell or were injured at Lowes’ garden center, you should talk to a Fort Myers accident injury attorney at Wolfson & Leon. Slip or trip and fall accidents can result in severe injuries that may require extensive medical treatment and cause you to miss work. If you were hurt and aren’t sure what to do next, call Wolfson & Leon today for a free case evaluation at (239) 777-9954.

Outdoor garden centers may have uneven or wet walkways, broken pavers, or outdoor displays that stick out, which can cause people to slip or trip and fall when they least expect it. Head injuries, broken bones, torn ligaments, or damage to the neck or back are common injuries that result when a person falls. Learn more about what rights you have by calling Wolfson & Leon today.

Slip and Fall Injuries in a Naples Lowes Home Improvement Store

Lowes Home Improvement store is a popular choice for homeowners interested in doing landscaping and gardening. Browsing through its warehouse aisles, you find plenty of plants, outdoor equipment, barbeque grills, and patio furniture.

Suppose you slipped and fell and were seriously hurt at the Naples Lowes Home Improvement store located at 6415 Naples Boulevard or 12730 Tamiami Trail East. If this is your case, you need the help of a Fort Myers accident lawyer to get you what you need to pay for treatment for your injuries. Large warehouse retailers, like Lowes, have teams of attorneys to defend the company against claims such as yours. If you don’t have legal representation, the attorneys may propose a settlement that is far less than you need, or just refuse to settle at all. You deserve to make an informed decision and that is why you should call the Lowes injury attorneys at Wolfson & Leon before you decide to accept any settlement from Lowes.

Injured at Lowes in Naples?

What should you do if you’ve fallen in a Lowe’s Home Improvement store in Naples? You can start by:

  • Reporting the accident to the store manager. Get a copy of any report that they fill out documenting your accident.
  • Be sure to write down the names of any staff members that you talked to about your accident. It’s also helpful to document your discussion while it’s fresh in your memory. If anyone witnessed your fall, write down their name and phone number as well.
  • Try to take pictures of the accident area. If there were any obstacles in the way, warning signs posted, or debris lying around – it’s helpful to get pictures of these.
  • See a physician as soon as possible. Injuries from accidents are not always apparent when they happen. But you may start feeling the effects within a few hours or a few days. Seeing a doctor may prevent further damage to the injured area.

What’s next? You should schedule a free consultation with a personal injury attorney at Wolfson & Leon. Our dedicated Fort Myers slip and fall accident lawyers know personal injury law and represent your rights against big corporations like Lowes. A personal injury attorney works for you to negotiate a settlement or, if necessary, defend your rights in court.

When Should You Call a Lowes Injury Accident Lawyer in Naples?

A personal injury lawyer can assess the circumstances around your accident and let you know if you have a case. If you’ve been seriously hurt, they can file a claim and negotiate a settlement on your behalf while you recover. The attorneys at Wolfson & Leon will defend your rights against large corporations, like Lowes, to help you recover the financial award that you are entitled to so that you can get your life back on track.

If you’re hurt in a slip or trip and fall accident at Lowes, don’t wait for help. Call Wolfson & Leon today at (239) 777-9954 to schedule your free case evaluation.

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