Lehigh Acres 7-Eleven Accident Lawyer

If you were severely hurt at a Lehigh Acres 7-Eleven store, you should speak with a best personal injury attorney in Lehigh Acres that you can call. Accident injuries may be more serious than you think. It may take weeks of rest to recover from your injuries. You may be looking at months of physical rehabilitation and continuing medical care through no fault of your own.

Wolfson & Leon represents people hurt in slip and fall accidents in 7-Eleven stores. Our team of dedicated Lehigh Acres personal injury attorneys fight to get the best settlement possible for their clients. If you believe you have a claim or simply want to find out what your rights are, contact us today for your no-cost consultation. Ask questions and determine what steps you should take when you call Wolfson & Leon at 239-777-9954.

What Damages Can I Recover in a 7-Eleven Accident?

If you are injured at a 7-Eleven in the Fort Myers or Lehigh Acres area, you will want to collect the full measure of your damage through your Fort Myers personal injury lawyer. There is no reason that you and your family should bear the cost of a corporation’s negligence.

Lehigh Acres has 7-Eleven convenience stores located at;

  • 1360 Lee Blvd
  • 1626 Meadow Road
  • 4325 Lee Blvd
  • 55 Joel Blvd
  • 501 Sunshine Blvd
  • 100 Delaware Road
  • 530 Joel Blvd

Whether you are craving a cup of coffee or a hot sandwich, you find an array of beverages and food inside every store. 7-Eleven stores are a convenient place to fill up your gas tank or pick up a few lottery tickets.

If you get hurt at a 7-Eleven store, you may be entitled to recover damages. The settlement you get depends on the circumstances around your accident and the severity of your injuries.

When you have severe injuries resulting from an accident, you may be able to receive damages to compensate you for.

  • Medical treatment: This could include hospitalization, physician visits, medication, and rehabilitation.
  • Continued care: You may need ongoing care in your home or future medical treatment for your injuries.
  • Pain and suffering: Serious injuries can impact your life. You may recover damages for the pain and suffering you have endured.
  • Lost income: If you cannot work during your recovery time, you may be reimbursed for lost wages.
  • Future income: You can be awarded compensation if your injuries are so extensive that they affect the money you make in the future.

To ensure that you receive the money you deserve when you are injured, talk with a Lehigh Acres personal injury lawyer as quick as you can.

Lehigh Acres Injury Accident Law Firm

Wolfson & Leon defends injured people in such accidents as;

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Lehigh Acres Injury Accident Law Firm

For more than 55 years, Wolfson & Leon has protected the rights of people hurt in slips and falls, vehicle crashes, and other accidents. If you have been injured at a Lehigh Acres 7-Eleven convenience store, but do not know what you should do next, contact Wolfson & Leon for a no-obligation, free evaluation of your case. Whether you want to ask questions or find out what legal remedies may be available.

If you want to find out your legal rights or just want to ask questions, our Lehigh Acres personal injury lawyers can take your call. Contact Wolfson & Leon today at 239-777-9954.

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