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Did you slip on a wet floor at your local Winn-Dixie grocery store? Were you hurt in a parking lot fall when walking to the store? Are you suffering from excruciating neck or back pain after being struck by a falling sign?

Serious injuries can significantly affect your life. You may need extensive medical treatment to recover from your injuries when you are badly hurt. You may require hospitalization and surgery. Even after you are treated, you may need days or weeks to recover from the damage.

When you are severely injured in a Winn-Dixie grocery store accident, you shouldn’t be stuck with the high cost of your care. Your injuries can cause an immense amount of pain. You may be unable to go about your everyday life and do household chores. And your household can suffer if you cannot return to work.

At Wolfson & Leon, our Gateway personal injury lawyers work tirelessly to get justice for people hurt in accidents. When you work with our Winn-Dixie accident lawyers, we take on all areas of your claim so that you stay focused on your recovery. We take the steps necessary to help you build your case. We handle the calls, paperwork, and settlement negotiations on your behalf.

Seriously Hurt at a Gateway Winn Dixie?

Gateway is a planned community located within Fort Myers. The community boasts over 3,000 acres to build neighborhoods, parks, and stores. Gateway features an extensive business park that houses such companies as Comcast, Walgreens, and DirecTV.

The first Winn-Dixie store was established in Miami in 1925. Winn-Dixie is an American supermarket chain founded in 1925. It operates 515 stores in the southeastern United States, with locations in Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi and South Carolina. The company is known for its selection of fresh produce and meats as well as a wide variety of grocery items.

Winn-Dixie offers its customers a variety of services including a full-service pharmacy, financial services, home delivery and curbside pickup. The company also has an e-commerce platform that allows customers to shop online and pick up their items at the store. Winn-Dixie is committed to providing quality products and excellent customer service in order to ensure that customers have a positive shopping experience.

Since 1925, Winn-Dixie has grown to 546 stores in the southeastern United States. There are 460 Winn-Dixie grocery stores in Florida. There are several Winn-Dixie stores in nearby Fort Myers at:

  • 10580 Colonial Blvd
  • 13300 S. Cleveland Avenue
  • 14600 Palm Beach Blvd
  • 5660 Bayshore Road

Thousands of people are drawn to Winn-Dixie stores every day. The stores carry various baked goods, deli meat, fresh produce, and private-label brands like SE Grocers and Chek. You can find floral departments, pharmacies, and liquor stores within most Winn-Dixie locations.

We frequently stop by the grocery store. Whether you are shopping for the week or picking up a few last-minute items for dinner, stopping by the grocery store is an everyday errand we run. Yet, grocery stores can pose risks to customers. Some of the most frequent Winn-Dixie accidents are caused by the following:

  • Wet and slippery floors
  • Uneven or broken pavement in parking lots
  • Top-heavy or poorly designed product displays that tip over
  • Carts, ladders, or boxes sitting in aisles when employees restock shelves
  • Parking lot paint which becomes slick when it rains
  • Floor mats that slide when stepped on
  • Store entryways that become slippery when rain splashes in
  • Slick floors in bathrooms from leaking or overflowing sinks or toilets

Not every Winn-Dixie accident results in substantial injury. You may experience nothing more than a few bruises after a fall. However, even a minor accident can cause painful injuries. If you try to catch yourself from falling, you could pull a muscle, tear a ligament, or sprain a wrist or ankle. The impact of your body hitting the floor can break a bone or cause severe trauma if you hit your head.

You should always seek medical care regardless of how you feel after an accident. Some injuries are not noticeable when an accident happens, so you might not realize you have hurt your back or neck until later that day. You may not feel neck or back injury pain until you try to go about your everyday tasks. The throbbing headache after a fall could indicate something far more severe.

Not only should you see a doctor after an accident, but it is also a good idea to determine your legal rights when you’ve been injured. Not only could you be dealing with the pain from your injuries, but you could be stuck with costly medical bills for an accident that wasn’t your fault. And when you cannot go back to work until you recover, your household finances could take a hit. Speaking with a Gateway Winn-Dixie accident lawyer at (239) 777-9954 is a practical step to take to protect your rights.

Why Call a Gateway Winn-Dixie Accident Law Firm?

Winn-Dixie and other grocery store accidents happen more frequently than you might think. If you get hurt in a Winn-Dixie grocery store accident, you should take immediate steps to get the medical care and legal protection you need.

At Wolfson & Leon, we invite you to call us today for a free case consultation. Whether you have questions about your accident or just want to know if you have a case, you find out what legal options may be available when you call (239) 777-9954 today.

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