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If a reckless driver has caused serious harm to your family, you should speak with a Gateway automobile accident lawyer as soon as possible. A serious car accident may result in devastating injuries that can take weeks or months to recover. Sometimes, these injuries are so severe that they permanently alter your way of life. Families often suffer from the physical, emotional, and financial pain a reckless driver causes. Take the first step to protecting your rights by speaking with a Gateway car accident lawyer at Wolfson & Leon. Call 239-777-9954 for a free and confidential consultation.

When drivers recklessly operate their vehicles, everyone on the road is at risk. A driver who travels at excessive speed through a residential neighborhood or speeds through a red light can cause a severe accident. This intentional disregard for the safety of other drivers, pedestrians, or bicyclists who share the same road may lead to serious, even fatal, injuries.

Is Reckless Driving and Careless Driving the Same?

Under Florida law, drivers are expected to operate their vehicles prudently and carefully. A serious accident can result if the driver fails to operate their car, truck, or motorcycle in a careful manner. A careless driver fails to drive their vehicle " carefully and prudently."

On the other hand, a reckless driver operates their vehicle with wanton and willful disregard for the safety of those around them. A reckless driver intentionally operates their vehicle with indifference to the damage that may result from their actions. Some examples of reckless driving include road rage, racing, deliberately driving close to pedestrians or bicyclists, and erratic driving to evade the police.

The behavior of a reckless driver may result in devastating injuries. The damage caused by a reckless driver can be extensive and life-altering. Accident victims may suffer from extreme head trauma, internal organ damage, and other severe injuries.

Can I Recover Damages if Hit by a Reckless Driver?

Accident victims often work with their car insurance companies to recover damages. But when the damage is extensive, you should take immediate steps to understand what rights you have to compensation. You may be able to recover damages to pay for:

  • Medical care
  • Lost income
  • Pain and suffering
Sometimes, the damage caused by a severe car accident results in permanent injuries. You may be compensated for future medical treatment or continuing care needed in your home. You may also be compensated if the injuries impact your ability to earn a living in the future.

What if I Cannot Afford Legal Help?

At Wolfson & Leon, we believe everyone should have access to legal help when they are hurt. We encourage people affected by a serious car accident to call us for a free, no-obligation consultation. We review the legal merits of your case, answer questions, and explain what to expect if you pursue legal action.

At Wolfson & Leon, our team of reckless driving accident lawyers works on a contingency basis. So, you only pay for our legal services if your case is settled. Any amounts due for legal work are paid directly out of the settlement received. You can get the legal representation you need and not worry about how to pay for it.

Gateway – 10 Facts You Should Know

Here are some facts about Gateway, Florida:

  1. Gateway is an unincorporated community located in Lee County, Florida, United States. It is located near Fort Myers and Cape Coral.
  2. The community of Gateway was first developed in the late 1980s as a master-planned community. It was designed to be a residential community with a variety of housing options, recreational amenities, and commercial development.
  3. Gateway is home to more than 10,000 residents, and it is still growing. The community includes several different neighborhoods, each with its own unique character.
  4. One of the main attractions in Gateway is the Gateway Golf & Country Club. The club features an 18-hole golf course, tennis courts, a fitness center, and a pool.
  5. Gateway is also home to the JetBlue Park at Fenway South, which serves as the spring training facility for the Boston Red Sox baseball team. The stadium can hold up to 11,000 fans.
  6. The community of Gateway is served by the Lee County School District, which includes several elementary, middle, and high schools. It also has a campus of Florida Southwestern State College, which offers a variety of academic programs.
  7. Gateway is located near several major highways, including Interstate 75, which makes it easy to travel to other parts of Florida.
  8. The climate in Gateway is typical of the subtropical climate found throughout much of Florida. Summers are hot and humid, while winters are mild and pleasant.
  9. Gateway is located near several popular attractions, including the beaches of Sanibel Island and Captiva Island, as well as the Calusa Nature Center and Planetarium.
  10. The community of Gateway has a homeowners' association that oversees the management and maintenance of the common areas and amenities within the community.
Fort Myers Law Firm for Reckless Driving Accident in Gateway

When you are seriously injured in a car accident, it can change your life. What’s worse is knowing that you or a family member is suffering because a driver had little to no regard for anyone else on the road.

For 60 years, the Gateway car crash lawyers at Wolfson & Leon in Fort Myers have defended the rights of people badly hurt in accidents. We understand the pain and frustration accident victims and their families face. Our team of Gateway automobile accident lawyers is dedicated to getting justice for those badly hurt by someone else's actions. We work diligently to get your family the best settlement possible. Find out how the Gateway car crash lawyers in Fort Myers at Wolfson & Leon might help you by calling 239-777-9954 today.

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