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At Wolfson & Leon, we understand the challenges accident victims face when severely injured. Our Gateway personal injury lawyers in Fort Myers work tirelessly to get the best compensation possible for their clients. Contact us today, and you can speak with one of our Gateway bicycle accident attorneys at no charge. Whether you have questions about what compensation you might be able to recover or just want to know if you have a case, call us today at 239-777-9954.

The year-round sunny skies and warm climate make cycling easy to get around in Florida. Cyclists can save some gas money using their bikes to get to work or run errands. Or just spend some time exercising outside.

Even in cities with dedicated bike lanes, riding your bicycle around cars can be dangerous. A cyclist can be hit by a driver who isn't paying attention or speeding down the road. Despite wearing protective gear, like helmets and gloves, bicycle riders can still be gravely injured in an accident.

Bicycle accidents may result in devastating, even fatal, injuries. Whether riding to work, school, or just around town, you should quickly reach out to a best Gateway personal injury attorney if you were severely hurt in a bicycle accident. The extensive injuries caused by the accident often need immediate medical treatment and care. Your injuries may keep you from returning to work, which can financially devastate you and your family.

For 60 years, Wolfson & Leon has fought for the rights of people severely injured while riding their bicycles. The injuries a cyclist endures can be painful and life-altering. So, knowing your rights when badly hurt is critical to recovering compensation for your medical care and lost wages.

Bicycle Accident Injuries in Gateway

Gateway is a small community located on the west coast of Florida. Tucked between Lehigh Acres and Fort Myers, Gateway boasts several neighborhoods, schools, and parks. Gateway has a golf course, a dog park, and a sports complex.

A person's body is no match when hit by a moving car. Even when a bicyclist wears protective equipment, the car's speed and weight cause considerable damage. Sometimes, the impact of the crash can throw a cyclist across the road or into a vehicle.

Even if bicyclists aren't directly hit by a car, they can still suffer from injuries in an accident. Cyclists may swerve to avoid an accident when a driver opens their car door as they ride by or crosses their path when turning.

Some of the most common bicycle injuries in Gateway include;

  • Traumatic brain injuries
  • Damage to internal organs
  • Crushed or broken bones
  • Extreme road burns
  • Deep cuts
  • Spinal cord injuries
  • Torn ligaments and muscles

You might be suffering from painful and debilitating injuries if you were hurt while riding your bike. Protect your financial interests by calling Wolfson & Leon today for a free and confidential case analysis.

Damages in a Gateway Bicycle Accident

When your injuries are caused by someone else's negligent or reckless actions, you might be able to recover compensation for the medical care you need. If your injuries are extensive and prevent you from working, you may also be reimbursed for the income you lost while you recovered.

Sadly, some injuries may be permanent and alter your life. You could be eligible for compensation for future medical care, in-home help, and other related costs. And if the accident permanently affects your ability to earn a living, you could be compensated for your loss of future wages.

Depending on the extent of your injuries, you could also be awarded damages for non-economic costs you have endured. You might be compensated for the pain and suffering, mental anguish, emotional trauma, and loss of consortium you have suffered because of the accident and your injuries.

Gateway Bicycle Accident Law Firm

Wolfson & Leon have defended the rights of Florida bicycle accident victims since 1963. Our team of Gateway personal injury lawyers represents people who have been badly hurt in bicycle, vehicle, and other accidents. We will help you build your case and work diligently to negotiate a settlement in your best interest. Find out how our Gateway bike accident lawyers can help you by calling 239-777-9954 today.

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