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For many people, stopping by the gas station happens every week. Whether filling up your tank or stopping by to pick up milk or bread, gas stations can stay busy throughout the day.

Yet, with so much activity, there can be hidden dangers if owners and managers don’t take steps to ensure the gas station is safe for visitors. Gas station visitors could be badly hurt if they slip or trip and fall, are hit by a moving vehicle, or are victims of a crime.

You may need extensive medical care and recovery time if you get badly hurt at the gas station. It’s not fair that you should bear the financial burden for your injuries when the accident was not your fault. If you are seriously injured, you should speak with a best Lehigh Acres personal injury lawyer as soon as possible.

Lehigh Acres Gas Station Accidents

Lehigh Acres has 124,523 residents with a median age of 33.5 years. Over 56,000 residents are employed, with the most common jobs held in administrative support, construction, and sales.

Lehigh Acres is a 96-mile residential community. You can find plenty of gas stations scattered throughout Lehigh Acres, including;

  • Speedway at 5551 Lee Blvd
  • 7-Eleven at 501 Sunshine Blvd N
  • Murphy USA at 2938 Meadow Road
  • RaceTrac at 4405 Lee Blvd

Getting hurt at a gas station can happen when you least expect it. Leaking oil, gas, or other fluids around gas pumps or in the parking lot can create a slip and fall hazard for people filling up their tanks or walking through the lot. Customers can also slip and fall inside the convenience store if the floors are wet from spilled drinks or leaking fluids.

Other ways gas station visitors can be hurt include:

  • Falling overhead signs, displays, or merchandise
  • Parking lot trips and falls over potholes, broken sidewalks, or uneven pavement
  • Trips or slips and falls resulting from poor exterior lighting
  • Pedestrians could be hit by a car driving through the lot or backing out of a parking space
What to Do if Hurt in a Lehigh Acres Gas Station Accident

When you are severely hurt in a Lehigh Acres gas station accident, seeking immediate medical attention may be obvious. But what if your injuries don’t seem that bad? You may feel fine after an accident, but you may not realize that it can be a few hours, even days, before you feel the effect of your injuries. So, it’s always helpful to see a medical professional as soon after an accident as you can.

If you have an accident at a Lehigh Acres gas station, the following steps can help protect your rights if you are seriously injured.

  • Immediately report the accident to the gas station manager or the employee in charge. Get a copy of any accident or incident reports they complete.
  • When possible, you should document what you can. You can use your smartphone to take pictures or videos of where the accident happened and anything that may have contributed to it. It is also helpful to document your injuries with pictures.
  • If you talked to any staff or if there were witnesses who saw the accident, writing down their names and phone numbers would be helpful.

When you are seriously hurt in a gas station accident, you should speak with the best Lehigh Acres gas station accident attorney to learn more about what rights you may have to recover compensation for your injuries.

Why Call a Lehigh Acres Gas Station Injury Attorney?

People seriously injured in an accident at a Lehigh Acres gas station may not pursue legal help because they think they cannot afford it. Or the injured victim may think the accident was their fault.

But if you suffer from severe injuries, you could find yourself stuck with costly medical bills. And if your injuries keep you from working, you may not have money to pay for your rent, food, and household utilities. And that does not seem fair.

The Lehigh Acres personal injury lawyers at Wolfson & Leon are dedicated to defending your rights when you have been gravely injured in an accident. You can call us today for a free and confidential evaluation of your case, where we will review the legal merits of your claim and talk through potential legal options with you. Should you decide to pursue a lawsuit, we will take on your case on a contingent-fee basis. So, we work to defend your rights, but you only pay for our legal help when your case is settled.

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