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If you were seriously hurt while shopping at Walmart, you could have the right to recover compensation. Learn more by speaking to a best Fort Myers accident lawyer as soon as possible.

Walmart, along with other large retail stores, has to keep its location safe for visitors. Under premises liability rules, store owners and management must take reasonable steps to fix a danger they know about or should have known about. This duty may be breached when management does not adequately address the problem or notify shoppers of the risk; you could be badly hurt. You could be compensated if you were injured and suffered financial damage because of Walmart's negligence.

Fort Myers Walmart Injury Accident

With nearly 400 stores throughout Florida, it would seem as if there were a Walmart on every corner. You can find several Walmart locations in Fort Myers at:

  • Walmart Supercenter at 4770 Colonial Blvd
  • Walmart Neighborhood Market at 9131 College Parkway
  • Walmart Supercenter at 545 Pine Island Road
  • Walmart Supercenter at 14821 Ben C Pratt / 6 Mile Cypress Pkwy

You can find almost anything when shopping at Walmart. People are drawn to these vast warehouse stores for their wide array of products, such as clothes, groceries, automotive parts, and electronics. Yet, if management does not ensure that the property is safe, people can suffer devastating injuries.

Common ways people get hurt while shopping at Walmart include:

  • Struck by falling merchandise placed on high shelves
  • Slips and falls on wet floors or loose mats
  • Hit or crushed by heavy displays or signs that topple over
  • Trips and falls in when employees leave stock carts, boxes, or other packing materials in the aisle
  • Slips on floors that have been recently mopped or waxed

People may also be hurt as they walk through the parking lot. Broken or uneven pavement may cause someone to trip and fall. Parking lot paint that becomes slick from the rain may result in a slip and fall accident. People may also be hit by cars backing out of parking spots or as they drive through the lot.

Hurt in a Fort Myers Walmart?

If you suffered a severe injury when shopping at Walmart in Fort Myers, you should seek immediate medical help. To aid in your recovery, continue your medical treatments and follow your doctor's advice closely. If you fail to do so, the severity of your injury could be in question.

Other key steps to take after a Walmart accident include;

  • Report the accident to the store's management. Ask for a copy of the report documenting your accident and injuries.
  • Take your own photos or videos of where the accident happened. It is a good idea to do this as soon as you can before Walmart staff move or fix anything in the area.
  • Talk to witnesses. Get the names and phone numbers of anyone who saw the accident or you spoke with, including employees.
  • Seek medical attention. Sometimes, injuries aren’t apparent when they happen. But after a few hours or days, you may feel the effect of the accident.
  • If you delay seeing a doctor, you could make your injuries worse. Plus, it might make it harder to prove you were hurt if you did not seek immediate medical help.
  • Get legal help: Knowing what legal rights you have to compensation when you are badly hurt in a Fort Myers Walmart accident is essential. A best Fort Myers Walmart accident lawyer specializes in personal injury law and can provide the legal help you may need.
Fort Myers Walmart Injury Accident Law Firm

Large corporations, like Walmart, often have dedicated legal and insurance departments to protect them against losses. This can make pursuing a settlement on your own difficult. Sometimes, Walmart may propose a settlement. While a fast settlement can seem like a big relief when you struggle to pay your bills, it may be enough to cover all your costs. Unless you know your rights, you may accept an offer far less than you are entitled to.

At Wolfson & Leon, our Walmart accident lawyers defend your rights when you get hurt. Our Fort Myers personal injury lawyers stay with you through every aspect of your case. We handle phone calls, paperwork, and negotiations on your behalf. Our Walmart accident lawyers stand for your interests should your case go to court.

Our Fort Myers accident lawyers are here to protect your rights and get the best settlement possible for your medical care and lost wages. Learn how Wolfson & Leon can help when you have been badly hurt at Walmart by calling (239) 777-9954 today.

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