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If you were gravely injured while driving a golf cart, you should speak with a best Fort Myers accident lawyer at once. Based on the specifics of the accident, you might be compensated for your injuries. Find out more by calling Wolfson & Leon for a free case evaluation today at 239-777-9954.

Golf carts are commonly used to get around in Florida. Golf carts are an effortless way to get around the golf course or travel through your neighborhood. Yet there are times when golf carts and cars share the road. You may be driving on a private road in your community or through the parking lot of the course.

Operating a golf cart near motor vehicles can be dangerous. If the car's driver is speeding or distracted, they could easily hit or back into a golf cart. Without the protection of a car's frame, golf cart passengers could take a direct hit or fall out/

Golf Cart and Automobile Collisions

Golf carts are a popular way to get around the golf course or your neighborhood community. With no windows or sides, it's easy to get in and out of the cart as you travel.

Whether you are driving on a private road or through a parking lot, there are times when golf carts share the road with cars. When the driver of a motor vehicle uses their vehicle in a reckless or negligent fashion, they can cause significant injury if they hit a golf cart. The impact of a crash can be considerable if the car is speeding, or the driver isn't paying attention.

But even if the car is moving slower, golf cart riders can still be badly hurt if they are hit. Since most carts aren't equipped with such safety features as seat belts, even a minor hit can cause a person to fall out or be thrown from the golf cart.

In other cases, a crash could tip the golf cart over. And if the car cannot stop, riders lying on the ground could be run over.

Common Fort Myers Golf Cart Injuries

Unlike motor vehicles, golf carts are not equipped with windows, sides, or a durable frame. So even a minor golf cart accident can cause riders to experience life-altering, even fatal, injuries.

A rider thrown from the cart may suffer from a traumatic brain injury if they hit their head on pavement or another object. Head trauma can range from minor concussions to something more serious, such as skull fractures, brain bleeding, or torn tissues around the brain.

Other common golf cart injuries include:

  • Fractured or crushed bones
  • Damage to internal organs
  • Neck and back injuries
  • Spinal cord damage
  • Deep lacerations or cuts
  • Road burns

If you were involved in a golf cart accident with a moving vehicle, you should seek medical attention immediately. Even if you feel okay, you may not realize that you were injured when the accident happened. You could worsen your injuries if you don't get checked out soon after the accident.

Damages in a Fort Myers Golf Cart Accident

When you are severely injured, you should speak with a best Fort Myers golf cart accident lawyer. Knowing your legal rights when your injuries result from someone else's negligence can help you recover the damages you are entitled to.

You may be compensated for your current medical treatment, future care, and wages lost during your recovery. If your injuries are permanent, you may also be paid for a loss in future earnings.

In some cases, you may also be awarded compensation for your injuries' pain, suffering, and mental anguish.

Fort Myers Law Firm for Golf Cart Accidents

Wolfson & Leon represents people hurt in golf cart accidents. Whether in the parking lot or on the road, people in golf carts can suffer from severe injuries if they get hit by a car. Contact Wolfson & Leon today for a free and confidential case evaluation when you were severely hurt in a Fort Myers golf cart accident. Our team of Fort Myers golf cart accident lawyers listen to your side, answer questions, and evaluate the legal merits of your case. We take the time to discuss potential legal options to recover compensation for your injuries.

People hurt in accidents may think they cannot afford legal representation. At Wolfson & Leon, our team of Fort Myers golf cart accident lawyers works on a contingency basis. So, you only pay for our legal services if we settle your case. You can get the legal help you deserve without the stress of figuring out how to pay for it.

Learn how Wolfson & Leon may be able if you were badly hurt in a Fort Myers golf cart accident by calling 239-777-9954 today.

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