Estero Gas Station Accident Injury Lawyer

Were you seriously hurt in a fall at an Estero gas station? Do you need extensive medical care for your injuries? Is the damage so severe that you cannot work as you recover? If you are severely injured, you should speak with a best Estero gas station accident lawyer as soon as possible.

You may need extensive medical treatment and specialized care when you are badly hurt in an accident. You may be suffering from intense pain from your injuries. To make matters worse, you may not be able to work as you recover. Accident victims are often left to deal with the financial stress of being unable to pay their medical or household bills.

The Estero personal injury lawyers at Wolfson & Leon vigorously defend the rights of people hurt at gas stations and convenience stores. We help people seriously injured in accidents recover money to pay their bills and get their lives back in order. You can find out what legal options may be available when you have been badly hurt by contacting Wolfson & Leon for a free and confidential consultation. To speak with an Estero gas station accident lawyer, call Wolfson & Leon today at 239-777-9954.

Gas station and convenience store accidents in Estero

Whether commuting to work or on your way to the beach, chances are you’ll need to stop by the gas station. You may stop to fill your gas tank or visit the convenience store.

So much activity goes on during the day at gas stations and convenience stores. Most gas stations experience a constant stream of cars and customers. But with so much activity going on during the day, people can get hurt when visiting a gas station or its convenience store.

Some of the most common Estero gas station and convenience store accidents happen due to the following:

  • Floors that become wet or slippery from spilled drinks or leaking soda machines.
  • Convenience store entrances that get wet from rain or water tracked in by other customers
  • Hanging signs or top-heavy displays that fall and hit a customer
  • Floor mats that slip out from under a customer when stepped on
  • Leaking oil or other vehicle fluids near the gas pumps or in the parking lot
  • Potholes, cracked sidewalks, or broken pavement in the parking lot or walkways
  • Bad exterior lighting
Why call an Estero gas station accident lawyer?

If you were seriously hurt at a gas station or convenience store, you might have been rushed to the hospital for immediate care. But after that, what should your next steps be?

When you sustain severe injuries at a gas station or convenience store, you may be able to recover compensation. You may be awarded damages to pay for your medical care and replace lost wages. Depending on how severe your injuries are, you might also be compensated for the pain and suffering you have endured.

But if you don't know your legal rights, you can get stuck with expensive medical bills. You may be unable to pay for your household expenses if you cannot work.

So, speaking with a best Estero gas station accident lawyer is a good idea. Accident victims have rights. Depending on the circumstances are your accident; you may be able to recover damages to pay for your care and lost wages.

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Estero Gas Station Accident Injury Law Firm

Whether you were hurt in a slip and fall at a gas station, injured in a car crash, or hurt in a parking lot fall, Wolfson & Leon may be able to help. Since 1963, our Estero personal injury lawyers have defended the rights of people badly hurt in accidents.

Wolfson & Leon encourages you to call today for your free case consultation. Feel free to ask questions about your rights, compensation, and what you can expect if you file a lawsuit. We can talk to you about potential legal options that may be available.

Should we take on your case, Wolfson & Leon will handle all the paperwork, negotiations, and calls on your behalf. We work to get the best settlement possible for you.

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