Bonita Springs Walmart Supercenter Accident Lawyer

You don’t expect to get hurt when shopping at Walmart or any other big retail store. But store accidents are more common than you might think. Some of the most frequent injuries happen when shoppers slip or trip and fall.

People hurt while shopping at Walmart should take immediate steps to understand and protect their rights when severely hurt in an accident. Injured shoppers may be stuck with expensive medical bills and suffer extreme financial hardship if they cannot work as they recover. That doesn't seem fair when someone else's negligence causes the accident.

Suppose you have been seriously injured in a Walmart slip and fall accident. In that case, you should speak with a best Bonita Springs personal injury attorney. At Wolfson & Leon, you can contact us for a free, no-obligation consultation when you have been seriously hurt at Walmart or any other large retailer. We can discuss the accident and possible legal actions that may be available to you.

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Slip or Trip and Fall Accidents at Walmart Supercenter

Bonita Springs is a popular beach town found on the Gulf of Mexico. Bonita Springs has plenty of beaches, public parks, and outdoor gardens.

Thousands of people shop at Walmart daily for its vast selection of products and low prices. Shoppers can buy food, clothing, household items, furniture, and electronics in one place.

You can find these popular warehouse-style stores in nearby Naples at;

  • Walmart Supercenter – 11225 Tamiami Trail, N
  • Walmart Supercenter – 5420 Juliet Blvd

With all the convenience Walmart offers, their size and daily traffic can pose slip and fall dangers to shoppers.

Slips: Floors may be slippery from bottles of milk, juice, or other liquids that break or leak onto the walkway. Water can pool on bathroom floors if toilets or sinks leak or overflow. Store entrances may be slick from rain or water tracked in on customers' shoes.

Trips: Shoppers could trip and fall over carts, boxes, or other packing material left in the aisles as employees restock shelves. Sidewalks and outdoor walkways that are broken or uneven may cause someone to trip and fall. Shoppers could be injured if they trip over potholes or broken pavement in the parking lot. And if parking lots and sidewalks need to be better lit at night, people may stumble and fall if it’s too dark to see these hazards.

Why Do Slip or Trip and Fall Accidents Cause So Much Damage?

Loss of control and hard surfaces can cause significant injury when you slip or trip and fall. When you fall onto a hard floor or pavement, the impact can break bones or cause severe bruising. You could suffer from deep cuts or lacerations if you catch the corner of a shelf, counter, or sharp object.

You may suffer from head trauma if you hit your head while falling. When you hit your head, the damage could range from a minor concussion to more serious traumatic brain injuries, such as contusions, skull fractures, torn brain tissues, and bleeding.

Since our instinct is to protect our bodies from a fall, the loss of control you experience as you slip or trip and fall could lead to severe damage to your neck or back. You may also suffer from sprained or torn ligaments or strained muscles.

Am I Entitled to Damages if Hurt at Walmart in Bonita Springs?

If you are severely injured while shopping at Walmart or any other large retailer, you may be entitled to compensation to help you pay for the following:

  • Medical and hospital bills
  • Lost income if you can’t work due to your injuries
  • Continuing medical care and treatment
  • Related medical costs, such as specialized equipment and transportation
  • Future loss of earning potential if your injuries are permanent

Depending on how extensive your injuries are, you may also be awarded compensation for non-economic costs, such as mental trauma or pain and suffering.

Why Call a Bonita Springs Personal Injury Law Firm?

Since 1963, the personal injury attorneys at Wolfson & Leon have fought for the rights of people gravely hurt in accidents. We specialize in personal injury cases. Our Bonita Springs accident attorneys’ team can help you build your case and handle all aspects of your case. We work to get the best settlement possible so you can get your life back on track.

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