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Automobile accidents are stressful. But when a car physically hits a person, it can have a devastating impact on their lives. Pedestrians will most likely never come out as the winner when they are in the path of a moving vehicle. Cars weigh a lot more than people do. Even when they travel at a slow speed, a moving car can cause significant damage to the person it hits.

Car crashes that involve pedestrians not only result in extensive injuries; the families they impact can suffer from extreme financial and emotional hardship. When you've been seriously hurt in a pedestrian car crash, you may be looking at weeks, possibly even months, of medical treatment and recovery time. It may mean expensive hospital stays, medical procedures, and visits to the doctor. And if you can't work and your family depends on your income, this can strain your family's finances.

At Wolfson & Leon, we help families impacted by devasting accidents. If you were seriously hurt after being struck by a car, you may not know what your next steps should be. You might be wondering if you have a case or have questions about what to expect if you file a lawsuit. You can learn more by contacting Wolfson & Leon. We will look at your situation for free and let you know what legal alternatives you may have. Call us today at (239) 777-9954.

What is Comparative Negligence?

There are times when a pedestrian shares some responsibility for the accident. Under Florida's comparative negligence rules, the amount awarded for damages is reduced by the percentage of blame assigned to the pedestrian. Even if you share part of the responsibility for the accident, it doesn't mean that you aren't entitled to damages. You receive a lesser amount commensurate with your responsibility.

How do I get Legal Help if I Can't Afford the Legal Fees?

At Wolfson & Leon, we work on a contingent fee basis. Under this type of arrangement, you only pay for legal services when your case has been settled. Once this has been reached, the agreed-upon legal fees are paid out of the money you receive at settlement. Since no fees are paid unless the case is settled, this helps you get the legal representation you need now without worrying how you will pay it.

What Kind of Damages Could I Recover?

The compensation that you may be able to recover depends mostly on the facts of your case. The damages that you may be able to receive include funds for;

  • Current medical bills
  • Future medical treatment
  • Lost wages
  • Reduced future earning potential
  • Continuing care at home

You could be entitled to recover non-economic damages, such as pain and suffering, mental anguish, and anxiety. Damages like these are meant to compensate the injured victim for losses that impact their enjoyment of life.

Bonita Springs Pedestrian Accident Attorney

Bonita Springs is a beautiful beach community located on the west coast of Florida. This quiet town has miles of sandy white beaches. There’s plenty of boating and kayaking for those who enjoy the water. There's plenty of hiking along the Imperial River at Cullum's Bonita Trail for those who love the outdoors. The city has a population of 59,317 people. With 41% of the population being over 65 years old, the quiet and serene Bonita Springs is an excellent place for retirees.

Wolfson & Leon strives to help people who've been hurt in accidents. If you are tired of seeing mounds of medical bills that you don't know how you'll pay, give us a call. We can evaluate the circumstances around the accident at no charge and let you know what alternatives may be available to recover damages.

Our Bonita Springs personal injury attorneys help clients prepare their case and navigate their steps along the way. We work to negotiate a fair settlement to help you recover from your injuries and take your life back. Call (239) 777-9954 today.

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